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  • this is getting confusing dude, seriously!!
    So much variety is available.
    I am open to importing products from abroad.

    I have short listed some :
    Hifiman re-400 - $100 + shopping
    Audiofly af45 - $60+shipping
    Audiofly af56 - $100+ shipping
    Velodyne vPulse - $100+shipping
    Brainwavz M2-$60
    Brainwavz M5 - getting 2 for $45
    SM E30 - 2.1k INR

    Also, what str those comply foam and biflangs and triflangs tips for?

    and your inbox is full, clear out some.
    Would have bought it for sure, but that guy had bouht it from Delhi perhaps. He has lost the bill and is unaware of its service centre too.
    That's why I'm im dilema!
    I was thinking of getting but the warranty thing is stopping me.
    But suppose anything goes wrong with your PSU, where are you gonna RMA it then?
    Where to avail its warranty? Abacus Peripherals denied. They said they didnt distribute the Silent Pro series. They only distributed the Silent Pro Gold series, so they can only provide service for the gold series.
    One guy is selling his 2yr old Silent Pro 600 for 3k. Wont it be a good buy?
    Is CM Silent Pro M600 the same as Silent Pro 600 Gold? Or there is some difference?
    Your HAF-X have internal USB3? Or it is an extra extension?
    And what is the current price for which you have bought it?
    Hi bro. Can you tell me how is the performance of your DSL 2750U. I am thinking to opt for BSNL BB and have barrowed down to TP-Link 300N router. DSL 2750U was my prev. consideration as it has an added USB port, but found many complaints against D-Link's 2730U and some against 2750U. So, what do you have to say about this?
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