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    My First PS3 Experience

    Congrats!! man for ur PS3 and yup u must try resident evil 5 its great ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- Congrats!! man for ur PS3 and yup u must try resident evil 5 its great
  2. Laser_dude

    OS for new machine?

    license who cares abt them :D
  3. Laser_dude

    problem with Laptop

    it happens only in a particular software or any where in the OS
  4. Laser_dude

    OS for new machine?

    +1 for vista bhai believe me install vista ur config is absolutely perfect for it
  5. Laser_dude

    Help on Installing Windows 7

    if u r not using ur c:\ for OS requirements then u can easily install windows 7 on it remember only to format (if u want to ) only drive c: while installation . after installation windows 7 bootloader should auto detect ur winxp sp3 on e: ,and would give an option to boot that too...
  6. Laser_dude

    OS for new machine?

    currently using Vista on two systems System A vista basic on celeron 2.13 ghz with 512 ram works perfect for me ,no problems at all (i'm serious guys :D) System B vista ultimate on my notebook with 1.6 ghz dual core works like charm ur config is way better than mine i'll suggest...
  7. Laser_dude

    TERROR ATTACK!!! Firing and blasts in Mumbai...

    MARCOS (Marine Commandos) not NSG These were actually the guys who rescued the hostages ......... The Helicopter which dropped commandos over Nariman House........was navy with MARCOS in it. Some Info and Trivia about Marcos http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MARCOS_(India) Official...
  8. Laser_dude

    Some People Still Think the Earth is Flat

    Dimag ka dahi kar diya yaar ,kya pakau news hai :D
  9. Laser_dude

    SE vs NOKIA vs MOTO

    I own a Moto E6 and i am completely satisfied but where overall quality and service is concerned +1 for nokia
  10. Laser_dude

    Cheapest Internet Device - Free Internet via TATA CDMA phones ??

    Vista drivers for c2010 got the below drivers for vista installs successfully in vista any one can please test them as i don't have a tsim rite now. http://rapidshare.com/files/133640379/Qualcomm_USB_Treiber.rar.html
  11. Laser_dude

    What Was The Configration,cost & Year Of Purchase Of Ur First Personal computer??

    Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar...oops ....PC :D Bought on 16/May/2002 CPU:Intel Celeron 1.3 Ghz MOBO:Intel 810e RAM:256 MB SD RAM 133Mhz HDD: Seagate 40gb * FDD: Sony Fdd CASE:ADCOM tower (ne one heard of it ,spray painted to black and cut a side window)* CD-ROM:Samsung 52x Rom drive...
  12. Laser_dude

    Cheapest Internet Device - Free Internet via TATA CDMA phones ??

    Got this phone as a cheap way for my net needs :D Any successful tester can please upload the benq drivers for this phone, my xp hardware wizard isn't connecting to the database to download them . or Can any one test the below uploaded...
  13. Laser_dude

    Foxconn deliberately sabotaging their BIOS to destroy Linux

    Beside the seriousness of the matter i was ROFLing for some time :D after reading RYAN and FOXCONN's conversation (Why? i don't know) ,besides ,the strategy used by foxconn ,if used intentionally,will surely ruin there customer base to an extent.
  14. Laser_dude

    Mini/Nano itx

    thanks @outsider but hoped for an online portal with a range of these boards like this which i found while searching ne ways thanks for the help :)
  15. Laser_dude

    Mini/Nano itx

    Mini and nano itx boards are actually small size low power computer boards generally suitable for embedded purposes. But the question is where can i buy these in India(preferably north India) anyone here can help me out.
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