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    [REQUEST]Upgrade suggestions for 6 yr old PC

    Thanks for the reply! Is Graphics Card not compatible?
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    [REQUEST]Upgrade suggestions for 6 yr old PC

    Thanks, and I agree with your suggestion to wait for 2 more months. But I never said I'm not sure of whether I want to upgrade or not. I wasn't sure what can be retained. If someone could give me several options based on my intended purpose and connectivity requirements, I would be able to...
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    [REQUEST]Upgrade suggestions for 6 yr old PC

    Was there a need to report? Let's keep things cool around here. He was only trying to help me. In fact, he was the one who suggested me to use the template first. By the way, I didn't feel that the Template was "unnecessary". I just felt that it was too much of information for my requirements...
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    [REQUEST]Upgrade suggestions for 6 yr old PC

    Thanks for replying! I felt that my needs were slightly different than what the template would address. That's why I skipped it. I just want to upgrade my old system and keep it future-ready for the next 5-6 years. I hope I've clearly indicated what I want in the "Upgrade Preferences" part. Thanks!
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    [REQUEST]Upgrade suggestions for 6 yr old PC

    Current Config: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @2.66 GHz Heat Sink: Cooler Master Silence Mother Board: P5QL Pro Graphics Card: XFX GeForce 9 Series GF9500 GT 550M 512 MB DDR2 RAM: 2 x Transcend 2G DDR2 800 WiFi Card: Asus PCE-N13 300Mbps PCI-E Cabinet: Mercury ATX 500W Storage: 120...
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    IFB dishwasher

    Well, first of all, fire hazards are common with any electric appliance. If a Dishwasher can burn your house down, so can your Mobile Phone Charger! Dishwashers, though ineffective on some Indian-style cooking, like heavily soiled and burned food stuck to the bottom of the utensils, is still...
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    Zebronics remote interference issues

    <bump> Any help/advice people?
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    Zebronics remote interference issues

    Hi, I bought a 2.1 Multimedia speaker from Zebronics 4 months back. The sub-woofer got busted within a month, and they replaced the same. I have been having remote interference with the DVD Player though. Every time I try to change volume in the speaker's remote, the player shuffles subtitle...
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    Need help about banks

    HDFC Netsafe did not work for me with paypal. Netsafe can only be used for one time transaction. You have to create a card for a specific amount. Money gets debited from your account instantly. When you add your card to Paypal, it debits approx 1$ from the card for verification. And the card...
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    Need help about banks

    All additional charges like ATM maintenance fees, card replacement fees, other charges, etc are higher in private banks compared to nationalized banks. And private banks keep calling you with offers for credit cards, loans, etc. Nationalized banks are slightly more 'stable' than private ones...
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    Car audio system @ 5k

    If you aren't going for the bling brands like Pioneer, Sony, etc., try Xenos Players instead of the local ones. I've been using Xenos DVU150(has DVD/CD, USB, Aux In, ports) for more than 2 years now. I spent Rs.4,800 approx then. They later released some new models as well. www.xenos.co.in...
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    DVD Player for <5K

    Check out Onida HDR 5533 Atom DVD Player(Black). The website is 'under construction', so you might have to google for specs. I got one a few months back. It has mkv container, HDMI, USB, 5.1 channel, optical audio, and more.
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    Official Android discussion thread

    I use 3G WatchDog to check internet usage. The cheapest internet plan I have found so far is Tata Docomo's Rs. 63/2.5 GB/30 days. The speed is decent too. I am unable to even reach 500 MB data usage in spite of constantly using the data network(checking mails, browsing, sync, app updates...
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    Suggest Best Razor please

    My shipment reached Bangalore by 9th, but took 8 more days to reach me about 200 km from there, thanks to the dumb people there who did not add 0 before my mobile number. It was sent to Chennai and then reached me yesterday. The shaver and accessories look cool. I am yet to try it out(will do it...
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    Is anyone else having problems with HDFC's netsafe?

    Here is my experience with NetSafe Cards posted in another thread: Worst thing is that since PayPal took some money for verification, my card will be considered 'partially used', and the balance amount will be refunded only after 35 days.
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