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    Piracy is Social Service

    Piracy is stealing but it's so suttle one hardly feels it. It's like spending money from a credit card is far more comfortable than cash. You know you're spending but it just does'nt hit you. You kow you're stealing but it just does'nt hit you.
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    Where is MS FrontPage in Office 2003???

    Yup, and in Office 07, it becomes Sharepoint Services.
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    Post ur favorite movies that u can watch 100 times!

    Armageddon Star Wars Episode 5 Lord of The Rings (all 3)
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    Now Playing

    Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams me too!
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    L7 vs E398

    Features - L7 By the way, the ROKR is available only to cingular customers in the US and some other 'locked' networks. The L7 does have iTunes however.
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    MIcrosoft anounces flight simulator x

    The graphics do look good but still not perfect. I think it can do just as good a job on the xbox 360.
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    2007 Microsoft Office System Pricing

    I've used the technical BETA and I'd say this is the most important Office release since Office 97. Despite the prices, it's well worth looking at if the system can handle it.
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    Playstation 3 Will Cost Sony $900?

    I'd this this is a bad estimation. Sony know they cannot price it this high. Maybe a few features will lose out, or maybe some of these like the cell wont cost Sony as much as predicted.
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    Apple iPod Video

    I'll bide my time for the 6G, even if it'll be next year, because looking at Apple's patents, it'll surely be a widescreen stunner!
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    nokia 6630 or nokia 6600

    It isn't even a competition. The 6600 is simply outdated when compared to the 6630.
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    I am buyin this, is it okie?

    Actually, I find AMD's more stable and my X2 is awesome with multitasking.
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    gfx card for Rs 6000

    Strech it a little to 8K and you can get a 6600 with GT. That's better in the long run because the 6600 will get outdated quite soon.
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    Quieting your PC

    Thanks, my monster of a pc is now finally quiet enough to be worth turning on ;-)
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    Intel Releases New Logo & Slogan

    Out of all products, Intel looks stronger than AMD only when it comes to mobile processors. For everything else, AMD is just extending their lead.
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    Nyxem.E hits 80,000 systems in India

    This is nothing compared to what it could have been. Evidently, the media scared the hell out of some people. Many people I know were too scared to open their computers on that day
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