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  1. gora

    Psu For This Config!!!!please Help Utterly Confused

    hey guys,please help me out of this nagging little problem, this is my config------------ core 2 duo E7300 gigabyte G31(GA-EG31M-S2) 2GB DDR2 RAM 320 GB HDD 1 ODD 1 PRINTER PALIT 9600GT please tell me the psu required within a budget of rs 2500,and please hurry because i buying this config on...
  2. gora

    check this config my friend given me for 38k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    core2duo E7300-5100 gigabyte p31-s3g-3500 2GB ddr2 675x2=1350 HDD 500GB=3050 SAMSUNG ODD-1150 ZEBRONICS BIJLI(WITHOUT PSU)-1050 CORSAIR VX450-3950 ATI RADEON 4850-9500 any 19 inch lcd will max cost u 8500 and the rest u can spend on the speakers,keyboard and mouse and if u want a UPS...
  3. gora

    To Sell My Two Pc's

    Hey guys,I am from kolkata and any of u kolkatans want to buy my hardware,contact me,this is what i have to sell :) PC-I(24/7 DOWNLOADING RIG) P4 3.0 GHZ MERCURY MOTHERBOARD 256 MB DDR1 RAM 80 GB HDD PIONEER ODD 15 INCH CRT SELLING PRICE: 5000 RUPEES PC-II CORE2 DUO E6300,946GZIS...
  4. gora

    Advice Needed

    my budget is 25K ,and the mobo is a good one,one of my friends bought it ,and yeah i m from kolkata and thanks for the advice really appreciate it:p
  5. gora

    Advice Needed

    guys i m new to this forum and just want to take ur advice before buying the following hardware. C2D 7200 PALIT N73V 2GB DDR2 ZEBRONICS CABBY(BIJLI) DVD-RW (ANY BRAND) 250GB HDD 9600 GSO 384MB(PALIT) pleaes guys tell me if the following choices i made r correct and also could u please recomend a...
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