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  • hmm weird actually. Was there any reason cited by the mods/admins?
    Try signing in your old ID and see. I think it has been unbanned now.
    :shock: has TDF gone to the dogs or what!! Got no notification for your previous Visitor message :( Yup BRF is pretty much the best forum there is & I say it on TDF :D Me too loves it. You can just create a co.cc email id and register - no restrictions [pretty dumb on BRF's part I must say :)]
    Are you registered with defenceforum.in Though after experiancing BRF it feels a little pale. Lots of BRF members also there
    Did you get your BSNL manna? Me still eating Tata Indico Sh1t - hope u r luckier
    Am in the middle of exam season :) orals from 30th Will catch up later

    P.S.: Do you check out lalbrofessor's tweets - effin hiliariouS
    Is that a Chinese women in your photo ? your anti-chinese streak stands out quiet a bit in your posts
    But then that might be a North Eastern Indian ?
    and yeah i know your ichi
    Hmmm.....read about that fizzle thing. Its like those movies or conspiracy thrillers or documentaries.... u remember about the CD claiming Moon mission of USA is fraud....

    Pata nahi yaar.........everything looks false now.....

    Why don't u create a thrd in fight club on this.....??? Lets have discussion there
    hi, the bharat rakshak forum looks interesting... but why do they insist on ISP email?. I dont even know what my ISP email is.
    just saw your msg posted on my profile page on 8th. I rarely visit it. Thankfully i saw it now. Me to getting busy with life. Still trying my best to keep up with movies though its getting difficult day by day.
    I had a feeling you are T after reading your post. Visited your profile and there you are! where were you and whats with the new name.
    lol What happened to you handle - T159 was such a jhakaas name :) [noticed later]: post count 11 - T159 banned or what :D Hows things with you - don't write on your blog often - busy with job/PG? These BSNL f**ktard now have their asses on fire. Recently been given broadband enrollment targets. Now it is THEY who are are running around trying to get BSNL bb to ou building. lets see what happens :)
    Remember me? Baba Ramdev Matter.
    Well, you did a good debate. I want to tell you that i am not a blind follower of him. At many points, he is indeed wrong and often very annoying. I favor him just because of yoga. But man, time will tell who is good or bad. Matter Closed.

    So where are u from??
    Wow!!! U lookin up to my recommendation!!! Where I used to look up to u......now dat means I've done something :-D
    Heyyyyyyyy.......wow!!! Why new id? Why no brodband? where are u? Take care ...and come to gTalk sometimes
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