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    Full of Virus

    I usually clean the virus from my friends' windows machine by booting their machine to a Live Linux CD and removing the hidden viruses. Now a days the virus I see is a autorun.inf in every drive (which will have a line to the actual virus/worm/trojan). These may be hidden from windows, but...
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    RCom's Wimax is in Town

    hmm.. Blackhats from China..
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    New Linux Distribution — Exherbo, Announced(gentoo based)

    Gentoo is great. You get full control :-) A gentoo based distro and that too by a gentoo developer, is welcome!!
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    Best Linux Distro

    Depends on you.. You are asking a question like which flavor of ice cream, you will like. With windows, you only have vanilla, though in different packaging mode. It's all the same. You never tasted other flavors, because there was only available in the shop. Linux, you have to taste every...
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    Ubuntu is here but where is ....

    @asnvin: Please see this URL I never ordered it. But I just said they do ship and my friends did get it. And as you can see free shipping for month of May is closed.
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    Ubuntu is here but where is ....

    Fedora do too.
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