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  • Why not dude.... you can play it at high/medium (comb. of both) with no AA on 1024x768......... 8600GT is still a good GPU.
    Dunno much in B'lore...and yes not abt 8600GT 512mb too

    But Mercury 256mb ddr3 8600GT @ 3k(local retailer)(dunno B'lore sorry)

    As for 9500GT, order from lynx-india.com
    The price is ~4k not xact 4k('m not a retailer dude)

    Yes, power connector, u'll need a 500W CM minimum, or get POV 500W, will suffice..

    Well, for temporary, eh...well, just get 9600GT @ 6k instead now itself...
    i wud suggest u to get the HD 4830 or HD 4670.they r way better than 8600GT and price of HD 4850 is xpected to be under 5k.
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