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  • i thought i was the only one getting that prob! thanx for opening that thread! can you post on my behalf that i'm also getting that prob & planning to leave!
    i had yesterday ordered elite 335 from smc and today i got a call from them saying elite 430 was also available..its costing 2675. i had paid 2100 for 335, rest of the payment on monday, father agreed. its even feature rich than gamma and design is superb..just check out dude..
    sam i ordered cm elite 335...read some good comments about its airflow on the net...and i like its design better than gamma because when i saw gamma's front face on newegg, i didnt like that.
    hey listen
    i'll be going to SMC again this tuesday or wednesday
    u can send me a list of items that u wanna buy
    i'll work upon it
    I want to avoid spending so much money i7 930 is too expensive, does it worth it?

    Moreover, I may get Crossfire as my friend has spare 4850 1gb

    So, i7 860 or 930 or AMD or can anyone sell my a P45 DDR3 Gaming Motherboard(cant find anywhere)
    hey forgot to ask one thing
    how did u like my quiz on facebook?

    any comments/suggestions/complains are welcome
    and please recommend to ur frnds too
    hey man, can u please gimme some advice on those case fans? check the post : thinkdigit.com/forum/hardware-q/128541-new-motherboard-proccy-suggestions-please-2.html
    thnx for your advice. i will go with the msi one.
    Hi, i have i5-750, xfx ati radeon 57701gb ddr5, 2x2gb corsair ddr3 ram, cm extreme power plus 600W smps, cm elite 310, asus 24x dvd writer and intel dh55tc mobo. this mobo i bought on words of the sales person without any googling. now i have managed to get rid of this mobo soon. so planning to buy a p55 chipset based mobo.
    there is different views from different people for intel, asus, msi and gigabyte.most have suggested gigabyte ga-p55-ud2. but personally i dont like the layout of that board as it still have those pata hdd and floppy connectors.
    i wont overclock. i have an internal tv-tuner which i intended to use. also i want both ati xfire and nvidia sli support (preferably both run at 16x, but 8x is ok). and i dont need dual lan. one lan port is enough. and my budget is < Rs.10000. also if it is not very much than 10k then also it is fine.
    should i go for intel dp55kg or asus p7p55d pro or msi p55a-g55 or any other board.
    hope to get a reply from you soon.
    thnx in advance.
    this is a botnet but how can you identify
    i thought this was some stupid guy wasting everyone's time
    Hey Sam, Nice signature .. I only doubt if god is, then will he stoop that low ? just a thought
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