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    My HDD crashed!!

    I have a problem with my PC. I wanted to repartition one of my drives(it was empty then) and so used PAragon Partition manager for the same. But during the process, a power shutdown occurred. After that the partition I worked on and 2 other partitions next to it got corrupted. The other...
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    Vista corrupted my drive

    I used Acronis for recovering data and partitions. As far as I know, Acronis has no options for merging partitions which Paragon offers. So I used both softwares... Aparajith .S
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    Vista corrupted my drive

    Hi everyone, I managed to recover all the data and also repartition, merge drives according to my wish and will. Thanks only to one fabulous software, two actually : Acronis Disk Director 10 and its recovery disk, Paragon partition manager. Now both XP SP2 and Vista are up and running with...
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    Vista corrupted my drive

    Hi guys, I have a 164 GB Sata 2 HDD with following partitions : C : 20 GB NTFS - Primary, Active - XP SP2 installed D : 10 GB NTFS - Primary - Vista Installed E : 15 GB FAT32 - Primary - Dump F : 20 GB FAT32 - Logical - G : 20 GB FAT32 - Logical - H : 25 GB FAT32 - Logical - I ...
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    New config suggestion

    Hi Guys, My friend is finally planning to upgrade his antique P3 - 866 MHz system. He had actually asked me for a suggestion with the following config : MotherBoard - ASUS P5PLD2-VM 945G,S,L,16xPCX,C2D 4200 Intel D946 946G,S,L,16xPCX,C2D 4700 Processor - Intel E4300...
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    [Preview + Feedback] - Digit March 2007

    My subscription is geting over this year and I have no plans to renew my subscription. To hell with these guys. If their customer care is so poor, god knows y they have that "help@Jasubhai" email ID and a forum posting for Feedback.....
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    [Preview + Feedback] - Digit March 2007

    Thanx dude. Point taken..
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    [Preview + Feedback] - Digit March 2007

    This is Aparajith .S. I am yet to recieve the DIGIT issue for March. Inspite of repeated emails there have been no replies. The customer care of DIGIT is going down real bad....
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    Internet connection sharing

    Hi guys, I have 2 computers in my home. I got an Airtel broadband connection for one computer. Now I would like to make both computers have access to the broadband connection. How do I do this ? I want each computer to be able to access the internet individually. Also one computer should not...
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    Hi guys, Am planning to upgrade to the best X2 939 pin processor for my system. Kindly provide me the best processor available in the market, model details and price with dealer details. Thanks, Aparajith .S
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    New Config needed

    Hi everybody, I need a new no - frills basic system for word processing, Internet browsing and using the printer. My budget is below 20k, cheaper the better. Just suggest me a config. I was thinking about the following : 1. AMD Sempron 2800+ proccy ( AM2 ) - 3100/- 2. No idea on mobo. No...
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    Best TV tuner card

    Can u guys suggest me a dealer in Mumbai or Chennai to get a hardware decoder enabled TV tuner card like Hauppage or ATI theater cards ?
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    Best TV tuner card

    Hi Guys, Is it true that External TV Tuner cards provide better clarity than internal cards ? If so why ? which external TV tuner card should I go for then ?
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    Need an LCD monitor and TV Tuner card suggestion

    Hi guys, I am from Pune. I need to buy a new 17 - inch LCD monitor for gaming, movies and general use. Keep the price budget below 12k. I also need a good TV tuner card with H/W encoder capabilities ( cos I heard they give a better clarity. The difference between Mercury TV Tuner cards and...
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    Maximum Memory card size for N 6630

    Hi Guys, I have a Nokia 6630 with a 256 MB card currently. My friend who owns a SE W800i uses a 1 GB memory card. He is planning to upgrade it to a 2GB memory card. He suggests that even I can do the same since both the phones have an almost similarily fast processor. Is it possible to use a...
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