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  • I had ordered the June issue on 16th June from the digit store, but have not received it as yet , and neither have I received any mail regarding the shipping. I have only received the mail confirming my order has been received.
    emails that i sent have not been replied to and phone calls are not being picked up.
    I have tried (91)-22-40789612/13/14. and 011-45069999 Phone numbers
    hey dude !! what happened ?? people getting angry at forums.....and for late deliveries too..!! Hope you sort out the issues fast !!! Good day..
    Please check out my new Digit Archive Build 8 and help me by providing the latest xml file of the dvd/cd software so that the archive becomes the latest one. I have open-sourced it so you can have a look at the source too. Please contribute to this project by participating in the codeplex site. I have updated it to Build 8 now but the project need the updated xml or database file. Please help!
    Links to the software:

    I have enquired before also but I am making a digit archive with complete features in .NET . Please tell me your requirements and send me the XML of the DVD contents file so that I can parse it and make the software.

    I am sure that I can deliver it by 10th June if all the requirements are specified quickly. Please be assured that I have prior experience making such products.

    Reply me to my email : vamsisubhash [at] hotmail [dot] com
    u wont believe this but my digit cover does not have the train no on it,LOL,got another one to check , but was thinkin all is lost, buttt now all iz welll!!!thank u for a nice trip,Halleluyah!!
    sorry Anorion, I didn't see my PM messages.

    Yes I will make the app using either Java/.NET Windows forms

    I need the database in the following structure.

    Table: Date - type datatime, softName: varchar(30), Description: varchar(1000), location(in DVD/CD): varchar(30).

    I need the database to contain the data for every month.

    Would you recommend the technology which you prefer? I do projects in my college and i will take about 1 month. I would do for free to my best Mag which helped me learn a lot about technology.
    I am also the Microsoft Student Partner. I would prefer .NET to Java.

    Please mail me: vamsisubhash[at] Please make the mail id private(this post too). I am really excited.
    hi can I make a more impressive Digit Archive in .NET Framework 3.5 Sp1 or in .NET framework 2.0

    I have so many ideas but the problem is the Database which I need to get from every month DVDs and the articles in the Mag. Can you help?

    Is the idea good?
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