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    Hi Amin Sagar.
    My name is Deep Sukhwani..
    I am using HP DV6767TX, I have the default operating system that is Windows Vista home Premium, I am seriously fed up of this OS. I want to remove Win Vista and get Win XP Professional.

    When I tried to install the Win XP installation, it did not detect the HDD of my laptop, might be because this laptop (DV6767TX) used SATA HDD (I am not really sure, but this is what I got to know after some research work)...

    I tried so many things online, except one thing that I was not able to try, that is the SATA Drivers installation through Floppy disc drive, that is because I dont have Floppy disc drive, and truly speaking I am not in a condition to afford one either.

    Please give me the complete instructions in regards to the same, I need the drivers softwares and everything..
    Also, one more thing to inform you is, I have one more desktop at my home, that is with IDE HDD (I am again not sure, but think so, because the XP that is tried installing on laptop was not detecting the HDD of my lappy, but when I tried to install the same XP on my desktop, everything worked completely fine), that desktop has 80 GB HDD and i m using Windows XP SP3 (it was Win XP Pro SP2 initially when I installed then I upgraded it to SP3 through Windows Update).
    So, in case if I need to take the backup, I can do that by connecting my laptop through desktop through LAN..

    Please repoly to the same for this to the soonest possible. I would really be very thankful to you for the same....

    Hope to hear soon from you..
    Thanks in anticipation,.....

    Deep Sukhwani
    HP DV6767TX Notebook
    Win Vista Home Premium
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