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    how to create something like this.......

    i m sorry , but u are getting it the wrong way, i don wanna convert anything, but i wanna make a presentation of a different product than the Virtual Keyboard using the effects similar to the linked presentation of virtual keyboard. Can anyone please help me out???
  2. altimate

    how to create something like this.......

    http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2004/explorers/interactive/deconstruct/vkboard/virtualkeyboard.swf hi ppl, i want to make a product presentation in flash and the theme is exactly like the presentation which i've linked here. actually i m not at all familiar with the flash making and all the...
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    Extract/capture images from video

    definitely! its made to work with movee frames...
  4. altimate

    Extract/capture images from video

    u can use CTRL + i in windows media player vlc has a option to capture images also u can import ur movies in windows movie maker and capture the image
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    Where to buy Logisys products in India ?

    hey dude, i m also from pune and looking for the same thing, if u have got some info. regarding this plz PM me or post it on this thread
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    Is is that safe??????laptop battery hack

    Watch this VDO: http://www.flixya.com/video/516177/Laptop_Battery_Hack!_Dont_Buy_A_New_One! as shown in the Vdo, is it safe for the laptop as i have a dreaded battery problem or u guys suggest any other ideas?
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    "Adsense and AJAX" Can these both go together?

    I read on many web pages that if my site uses total AJAX functionalities then adsense would not work properly, since adsense needs a page refresh before it can scan the page and fetch appropriate ads... + search engine indexing is also not possible with AJAX.. So what should i do??? Stick to...
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    Adsense w.r.t Blospot versus Adsense w.r.t Website

    Is there anything like - google approves ur adsense account more rapidly if u demand it for blogspot(i.e. for a blog) rather than for a personal domain website? Are there any additional features w.r.t. adsense which can be used only with blogspot and not on the web site???
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    Internet connection using AirtelOffice

    what if my town doesn't have EDGE Facility? EDGE is only available in METRO cities So will it be beneficial to buy a EDGE enabled handset for me???
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    Network with Wired+Wireless combined.

    i don't think u should opt 4 wireless sys. since u r running 20 terminals on a wired N/W and r planning 2 implement wire free n/w just for 3 more pcs They r too expensive ! I would suggest to go for wired one... 1) I don't think u would require a router just 4 adding up a few more pcs...
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    Help Me About Gprs Internet

    hey i m also using the same airtel gprs. if wanna save money ,,just try out 1 thing. Activate ur gprs service when u wanna use it then deactivate after ur session completes i.e. after 3-4 hrs... Many a times this work and airtel does not detect ur activation.
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    Who Has More Knowledge

    ______________________________________________________ An engineer can become a hacker , and a hacker owns some sort of Engg. skills. ______________________________________________________ both of them concentrate on developing nd improving systems.... but generally a hacker is concerned...
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    Does any one knows about eBIZ...

    All of my friends joined ebiz except me ..... I think its a crap and have not seen any of my friends getting a price check for joining new members under them.... For gods sake.. there r other ways to earn money... Even if its not fake then too earning like this is a shameful thing...
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    How to prevent taking screenshots

    what u can do is that just do as much as u can to prevent many of them 2 copy ur contents... But not all of them can b stopped frm doing so If u make swf files then too we have flash catchers If u make a media file and u can prevent it from downloading then too we have screen capture...
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    Send dozens of SMS through Yahoo! Messenger

    aslimasti.com INDIATIMES Chika messenger is also good for unlimited sms
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