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    QuadCore A8 or Corei3/i5 ??

    So is there no option for switching graphics cards as well as between CPU and GPU while working? and Nehru Place Dealer suggestion also required, which ones should I consider?!
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    QuadCore A8 or Corei3/i5 ??

    @akbsol aka Akash, that was very informative! Thanks for the review. I am boiling down to Hp g6-2005ax though Asus k53sm still has a place in my heart! Hey but hows the battery life of the hp one? and does heating issue bother too much? Waise I still have 2 weeks time before I travel...
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    QuadCore A8 or Corei3/i5 ??

    Hi everyone, I am a Designer indulging loads of work in high end softwares. But since my hands are tight now, I have outlined a few models under rs40000 budget. Please Guide! (OS not a problem for me, but MW3 is :wink:) Model One: HP Pavilion G6-2005AX Rs 34000 Specs: APU QuadCore A8...
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    40 gb samsung hdd..PM me 40/ 80 GB hdd available here
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    Any cell Phone for Under 2k !!!!URGENT

    I m in delhi.. I got a spice phone last month this colour phone features everythng evn supports memory card, xcpt camera and bluetooth.. M willing to give in 1500 with warranty wat say?
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    U on Facebook ??

    U on Facebook ??
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    laptop under 35k...dell vs acer vs compaq

    Haha..dats a solid reply... It means simply intel HD graphics wud b bttr..!! Well...m going for simply acer aspire 4740 hey hows acer e machine...
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    laptop under 35k...dell vs acer vs compaq

    dell's inspiron 14 has ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 - 512MB...how about that?? ---------- Post added at 03:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:38 PM ---------- hey bunto, what made u chose a compaq?? ---------- Post added at 03:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:40 PM ----------...
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    laptop under 35k...dell vs acer vs compaq

    hi,↲There is dell inspiron 14 and 14R(07 and 10 models)↲Acer aspire 4740↲Compaq cq42-173↲↲requirements and cons:↲14in, corei3, at least 2gb ram with 320gb hdd, DL DVD Recordr etc↲↲Dell 14: price goes abv 35k bt has 512 ati graphics= an edge over the rest↲Dell14r: no DL dvd↲Aspire: acer laps have...
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