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    what is the next big thing???

    stop fighting and lets try and have a discussion like mature adults!!! The next big thing i feel will go towards making gaming as real as possible... even if that means wearing a headgear and being connected to others through wireless thus enabling masively multiplayer games as you walk the...
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    what is the next big thing???

    you didnt get my question... i am not talking about the next big game... for an industry that has been at the cutting edge of technology i was wondering what would be the next big invention that will revolutionise the gaming space... @max_demon: yes i have heard of the PS3... but have you...
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    what is the next big thing???

    random thought... MS and sony were involved in a fierce graphics battle and along comes Wii and takes away all the glory by focusing on the casual gamer... and then 2 years pass... so what is next?? what is the next big thing in gaming and why has it taken so long for an industry that is at the...
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    Gaming PC Under 16k

    try this out... got a couple of good suggestions for a similar budget
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