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    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    hey guys i got BSNL 750 ul.. i get dl speed of 20-25kbps avg..while using dl acc i get 25-30kbps..can u tell me sm tricks to increase my dl speed?:-?
  2. ¦Rage--oצ

    Good news for Intel G965 Users who use integrated graphics

    hey guys fifa 09 and warcraft 3 dont work on new drivers.... 09 stops workin after some time.... and gives a error that the graphic driver has stopped resdponding!!!! PLZZZ HELP
  3. ¦Rage--oצ

    How old are you?

    me 15
  4. ¦Rage--oצ

    Good news for Intel G965 Users who use integrated graphics

    hey installed the latest drivers (dg965ry) and when i play wow after 1 or 2 min the screen gets enlarged and when i minimize it graphic error cms.. plz help
  5. ¦Rage--oצ

    The official Euro 2008 thread!

    Spain definitely deserved to win....they are technically the best team(present)!!!! and defeating the Germans was a piece of crap!!!! but the prob was Germany didn't play aggressive football... and their crosses were all poor... all free kicks were wasted all were way of the target not one...
  6. ¦Rage--oצ

    What kinda person U are?

    well first time i broke my cpu while i was playin football in ma house... and my cpu was open so accidently i hit the ball hard and it straight went in the cpu crushing the processor n damagin the mobo.... den i got a new c2duo den while assembling it i broke the switch(dont know wat it is...
  7. ¦Rage--oצ

    BSNL Unlimited (CDMA -144 kbps) Internet for Rs.250 Per Month

    guys can u plzzzz tell if evdo is avail. in pune???
  8. ¦Rage--oצ

    The official Euro 2008 thread!

    hey guys to www.goalcentre.com here u'll find all football matches wid online live streaming n also highlights!!!!! as i dont have cable i watch live matches here!!! dis site rocks!!!!!!!
  9. ¦Rage--oצ

    The official Euro 2008 thread!

    now hope it will be spain vs germany finals!!! which spain wud WIN!!!!
  10. ¦Rage--oצ

    The official Euro 2008 thread!

    GO SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Spain r the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. ¦Rage--oצ

    The official Euro 2008 thread!

    Hey isnt there any SPAIN fan??? see there team guys its technically the BEST!!!! its gonna be spain vs netherlands finals!!!!
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    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    hey then bsnl havent given me a portal id!!! does coz any harm of any sort???
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    Bad Sectors

    hey by mistake my hard disk fell frm my hands and after that my hard disk isnt getting recognized!!! plzzz help if u can!!!
  14. ¦Rage--oצ

    CMOS Check Sum Error

    yeah replace da battery.. i too had same prob.
  15. ¦Rage--oצ

    one long beep 2 short beeps

    One long and two short beeps mean that thers a prob wid ur graphic card!!as u said the graphic card works on other comp. den surely ur MOTHERBOARD IS FAULTY.. give it fr repair or buy a new 1 !!!!
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