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  1. Rehmaan Malik
    Rehmaan Malik
    Asus Zen 5z or One Plus 6 ?
  2. Desmond David
    Desmond David
    Admins, the new posts section shows the name of the OP in the replies instead of the replier. Needs fix perhaps?
  4. suarezian
    suarezian Vineet Sharma
    Hey. Is the whell still available? I'm unable to PM you
  5. rhitwick
    rhitwick SaiyanGoku
    When the cotest started and from ur posts I was wondering that you'd be clear winner (top commenter) but was not sure if they would give you money even for bashng them.
    But, seems Honor has honor :P
    1. SaiyanGoku
      I point out the flaws and suggest what they can improve to get ahead of the competition. If they end up using those suggestions, they would gain in millions. Heck, we would get better phones as well. So, a few hundreds are nothing for them.
      Jul 2, 2018
      rhitwick likes this.
  6. Nerevarine
    Digit is now a cesspool of greed posts for that sweet paytm moolah, well done Digit team
  7. PujaDIY
    Hello World!
  8. Prathmesh Bhosale
    Prathmesh Bhosale
    I like honor 10 because of artificial intelligence powered and it have all solution to problem s
  9. Aaminakhanam
    Always a Learner
  10. Divya sharma
    Divya sharma Digit-Brand
    Hi. My comments in your Honor hub threads are not getting posted. Please approve them at the earliest.
  11. BalajiBenakesh
    Hey ...honor I became a great fan ur tech .. honor 10.. nothing say about .it will be a master piece...hope everyone enjoys ur phone...
  12. Nikunj Jayas
  13. Deepankur19
  14. sudip23
    Data recovery
  15. Icosagon
    Hey is everyone using win 10 ?
  16. Icosagon
  17. Icosagon
  18. Shiv Kumar yadav
  19. PrashantK007
    You must have too much free time to waste by reading this status. :P
  20. Charchit Sharma
    Charchit Sharma Digit-Brand
    I am posting from now for Honor prizes will it count for Monday weekly prizes!