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Backtalk – S Sundararajan of I-Exceed
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Backtalk – S Sundararajan of I-Exceed

We speak to S Sundararajan, Executive Director at iExceed about the Fintech Space

We speak to S Sundararajan, Executive Director at I-Exceed about the Fintech Space

Digit: With multiple players entering the fintech space, how is the industry evolving?Sundararajan: The new entrants in the Fintech space are playing their role as disruptors and shaking up the status quo. They are offering innovative digital products and solutions, which are solving the real problems of customers at an affordable price in a transparent manner.  Incumbents are hot on their heels as they can no longer retain their market leadership if they don’t continue to innovate. Overall, it is evolving very rapidly and offering competitive products and services to increase their market share.  

Digit: What are the top five trends in the Fintech space?
Sundararajan: We have new trends shaping up the FinTech space every day. The top five trends are:

  1. Payments and Transfers
  2. Digital lending to consumers and SMEs
  3. Investment banking and wealth management advisory
  4. Competitive products and pricing with Open / API banking
  5. Comprehensive financial advisory to customers

Digit: How have emerging technologies like blockchain, AI/ML etc. been leveraged in this sector?
Sundararajan: While blockchain, AI / ML are still at a nascent state, there are many use cases and specific solutions are delivered by leveraging these technologies. Some of the use cases are NLP, personalization and preventing / detecting frauds. 

Digit: How promising is Fintech as a career?
Sundararajan: As the world turns increasingly digital, we will see a lot of evolution in the FinTech space. This change won’t be a one-time aspect but rather an ongoing process that will give rise to new trends and a constantly evolving demand for new skillsets. Based on all these factors, a career in Fintech looks very promising for the future. 

Digit: Why are global banks depending on Indian fintech start-ups like I-exceed for their digital transformation journeys?
Sundararajan: FinTech start-ups like i-exceed come with a deep understanding of the banking and financial products and services space. We are also nimble and agile when it comes to innovating, developing, and deploying digital solutions. This help banks jump start their digital transformation journeys with quick time to market ensuring increased customer engagement levels and superior return on investment. It is a combination of these factors that make companies like i-exceed the preferred technology partner for financial institutions worldwide. 



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