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Can this speaker be your next karaoke party trick?

Portable karaoke fun with average audio performance

This year has been particularly active in terms of karaoke gadgets in the Digit Labs. After a number of handheld karaoke mics with inbuilt speakers, we also got to try a couple of speakers with dedicated mics. While you can read about the Artis BT915 in the May issue of Digit magazine, this one’s all about its smaller counterpart, the Artis BT908.

What changes? Not much. The unit almost looks like its larger sibling has been shrunk in a photo-editing software while maintaining the aspect ratio. It also weighs four kilos lighter at 6.5kgs. You get the main speaker body, a separate wireless mic, a remote control and an audio input cable in the box. The speaker comes with an in-built battery, so it can be used in external conditions as well.

You need to put in a couple of AA batteries into the mic and a pair of AAA batteries into the remote to use them. Once that is done, in-built switching the speaker on and increasing the mic volume makes the mic usable. The speakers support playback via USB, Bluetooth, Aux-in as well as SD card. It also provides FM playback and has an extendable antenna at the back for the same. While a storage device is connected, you can also hit the record button on the remote to record your vocals via the mic. In our experience, adjusting the speaker output to about 50% while increasing the mic volume to the maximum amount makes for the best karaoke experience in an average sized room.

The BT908 comes with quite a few controls. Apart from the mic volume and overall volume, you get dials for echo, bass and treble. You also get playback control at the back of the speakers as well as the remote. So, whether you’re sitting next to the output unit or at a distance, your music playback will be under your control. And so will the karaoke, since the mic supports a distance up to 8 metres.

In terms of music performance, the 908 still lacks in bass impact, despite its 8-inch subwoofers. This comes unexpectedly since we’ve seen smaller speakers pump out better base with smaller subwoofers. There’s no significant difference in audio performance between the different modes. Overall, there’s a lot of scope for improvement here. However, considering that this unit costs just about Rs. 6,000 at the time of writing this piece, we aren’t complaining…much.

Arnab Mukherjee

Arnab Mukherjee

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