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A soothing massage on the go? EUME Backpack’s got your back

EUME’s backpack, with an inbuilt back-massager, aims to solve back pain from bags forever.

If you’ve been following Digit for a while, especially the DGT section, you would know that we have a thing for well-made backpacks. Recently, Agent001 even wrote an entire feature on how to pick the right backpack for your camera gear. So, a well-designed backpack that can accommodate for all your gadgets is always on our radars. What if that same backpack also came with a back-massager in-built? That’s what EUME’s backpacks are all about.

It’s a pretty spacious and well designed backpack

A backpack first

While there are two variants available, we got our hands on the 27L one. On the surface, the bag looks like a pretty standard travel backpack with a single zipper leading to a massive pocket-laden compartment, as well as a small, easily accessible compartment on the front. The main compartment comes with dedicated pockets for folders, laptop, tablet as well as other smaller devices. There’s also a couple of unlabelled compartments, a bottle holder, pen holders, key organiser plus all the remaining room with side supports for whatever you might want to store in the central cavity. The most interesting aspect, however, comes in the form of the last pocket, from which you might spot a couple of cables jutting out.

The grooves on the back help you avoid sweat formation with long term usage

The foam used on the straps and the bag is of pretty high quality and breathable, to avoid sweat condensation. On the back, you get two pairs of massaging units – for the shoulder and for the hips. Between them, there’s a set of ridge-like grooves to avoid sweat formation on your back. There’s a ton of adjustment that can be done with the bag, through adjusters on the shoulder straps, the base of the bag, the sternum strap as well as the waist strap. Getting the right fit is important for the massager to work properly. You can also adjust the vertical placement of the shoulder massager.

These ports on the outer right side allow you to charge the powerbank powering the massager or even draw electricity from it, depending on where you plug into.

One back massage please

This is where things get interesting. The cables inside the bag, mentioned earlier, are related to a power bank that you will need to put into the bag.

The wires to make it work inside the bag

One is to power the massager (recommended capacity is 10000 mAh since the massager consumes 1000mAh an hour), another is to power a power output located outside the bag, and the third is to power the power bank from an external input. Both of the external ports are located on the lower right side of the bag.

The hip massager unit

There’s one button on the right strap to control the choice of massage. A single press gets you the shoulder massager, the next one gets you the hip massager, the one after that gets you both while the last one switches it off. The massaging intensity is not adjustable, however, so if you’re not happy with how well the massaging is going, you’ve got no option but to turn it off.

The button to operate the massager is located on the right strap

In our experience, the massager can get really intense to kick things off, but once you’ve got significant weight on your shoulders for a while, it does feel relaxing.

You can cycle between the modes using this massager button.

Although, the noise it generates makes it unsuitable for use in public situations and might even cause alarm among a crowd unfamiliar with the nature of the bag.

The shoulder massager unit

Priced at Rs. 3999 on Amazon, the EUME Backpack might just be the cheapest way to get a decent backpack as well as a dedicated back massager.  While this may not be even one of the most tech-laden backpacks we know of, it does serve its intended purpose in solving an everyday problem with backpacks. Including a power bank or a chargeable battery would’ve made it an even sweeter deal. If you think we’re asking for too much, how often do you get to make demands from a back massaging backpack?

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