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3 Google Chrome extensions for tab management

Tired of all the cluttered tabs on your web browser? We have three solutions.

As tech writers, we tend to spend most of our lives opening new tabs as if we’re paid for it. Before we realise, we all have opened so many tabs that not only has the title disappeared but the favicons of the websites have vanished as well. While we’re at it, we also spend an incredible amount of time searching for that one tab we lost at some point in time. If you happen to follow the same habit, you certainly need to level-up your tab management skills as we did recently. The best way to keep your browser clean is to open the least number of tabs and only when necessary. Lower the number of tabs, the better you’ll be able to focus on what you’ve been working on. However, if you feel like you need to look at multiple tabs in your research, then we have a few extensions that you could use. We’ll be going through three browser extensions for Chrome to help you declutter your tabs. Using all of them will ensure that you don’t lose your precious tabs while managing them as you type out your work.

Session Buddy

While browsing, you might just be reading and watching videos based on a single type or topic of content. Eventually, you would have opened several tabs, all of them related to each other. And now, you want to save all of these links together so that you can come back later. How do you accomplish this? Do you create a word document and paste all the links? That would be too tedious. The easy way would be downloading the Session Buddy extension. It automatically creates sessions of all the links open in your browser and saves them. You can choose to select a few and save them under a custom name. All these tabs are saved locally. Unfortunately, there are no cloud backups yet, so you’ll have to ensure that you take the files with you if you’re formatting your PC. Backups can be taken for all your saved sessions. They can be later restored and you will regain access to those sessions on a different machine. Session Buddy becomes a really powerful tool if you tend to go back to the content you discover. It’s also a great tool to organise your web browsing habit.

google chrome session buddy
Basic level of tab management restricted with the absence of cloud backups

The Great Suspender

It’s widely known that Chrome is always hungry for some RAM. So much so, that it will take up most of what is available and hold onto it. This becomes a huge problem if you own a PC with low memory. After a few tabs, browsing the web through Chrome becomes a painful process with all the lagging and tearing. During such situations, you could either close the unnecessary tabs or you could install an extension called The Great Suspender. It does exactly what it says. It suspends the tabs so that they don’t keep hogging all the RAM. Once suspended, the tabs become inactive and are automatically unloaded from the memory. To suspend a tab, all you need to do is open the tab, click on the extension’s button and select “Suspend this tab”. The webpage will disappear with its link posted on the top. Whenever you want to activate the tab again, you can click on the link or press on “Unsuspend”. From the Settings menu, you can set a timer for how long you want the tabs to be suspended. You can select the tabs to never be automatically unsuspended or set a timer between 20 seconds to three days. The Great Suspender also saves your sessions. However, you can’t save these sessions or name them. If you’re using Chrome on a low-end machine with low RAM, you should definitely install this extension.

google chrome the great suspender
No more whining about Chrome crashing on low-powered devices


We’ve taken care of saving different sessions so that we can revisit them later and even prevent accidental loss of websites. Then we looked at how we could make the most of Chrome by limited the activity of unimportant tabs by suspending them temporarily. Now we arrive at the most crucial moment and that is organising all the mess. Having multiple tabs opened up can actually be important if you’re multitasking. You can’t afford to have few open tabs since your work demands you to monitor 20 different things across 50 tabs. An extension by the name Toby steps up to make sure that the mess is cleaned up. Tab management is its primary objective and it does that pretty well. You can create Collections where you can add tabs based on a topic. For example, you can create a collection for your work-related tabs including your inbox, drive and maybe an active document. Another collection could be created to include all your research-related tabs. One collection could include all your social media tabs. The possibilities are endless. After creating the collection, you can drag the tabs from the column on the right. You’ll notice that they start disappearing from the main window. If you wish to go back to those tabs, then you can click on their tabs in the collections. Every collection can have a shareable link for themselves. Essentially, multiple tabs can have a single link that can be shared with anyone and they’ll get access to all the links on a webpage. There are several other features present in Toby such as saving all your tabs into a single collection and cloud backup.

google chrome toby
Toby can be a useful collaborative tool for research teams
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