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The ultimate geek buying guide – how to buy your gadgets

When it comes to buying your gadgets, there are a hundred (or more) different factors to consider. We’ve put everything in a simple and easy to navigate guide into getting the best gadgets out there, for more than 20 categories!

Enthusiast products bring the best of what a company has to offer. These high-end products also come with an equally hefty price tag, and insanely ridiculous marketing mumbo-jumbo as well. Silly things that have been around for ages tend to be spruced up and portrayed as innovations. Then there are the commodities which sell anyway but to increase market share, manufacturers play the same marketing game all over again. So how do you go about finding the best that you can buy with your hard-earned money? By cutting through the b&!!$#t, of course. That’s exactly why we came up with this series.

We assume certain things about you, the reader. The average Digit Geek knows most of the basics of all product categories, so we aren’t even focusing on the basics in this book unless we absolutely have to build context. What we are focusing on are the things that matter the most but aren’t so widely advertised. Did you know that the speeds advertised on SSDs are hardly experienced after a month of proper usage? Or that certain gaming mice have sensors which require a dark surface to track properly? Or that there are a vast number of switch types under mechanical switches? These are just some of the more esoteric information about products that you ought to know before you spend your money on them.

We know that PC hardware keeps improving at a rapid pace and parameters which meant the world in the past are now simply dismissed as that hardware has now become a commodity. So if you’re reading this over the course of the next 4-5 years, then the information within should easily hold up. Any later, and you’re better off referring to a more recent buying guide. Some of the new categories might just become commodities by then and we’d dismiss all their innovations as unimportant nothings.

Coming back to the guide, we’re all ears as we have always been. If you feel that a certain category has been missed out and needs to be included, drop us a line at editor@digit.in. We’ll be further expanding these buying guides with updates as and when required so that the next time you want to buy a new PC component, you know just the place to check out.

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Do you think we missed out any category? Would you like to see a buying guide on any other category? Let us know at editor@digit.in.


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