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App of the Week: Notion

A ton of features with none of the usual pricing attached

When it comes to collaboration tools, team Digit isn’t a big fan of many. In fact, it often turns out that the added complexity of using multiple collaboration and productivity tools ends up having the opposite effect. So what if there was one tool that could replace multiple alternatives? Notion is an editor that aims to combine tasks, notes, wikis and more under one umbrella. While the platform also has a web editor and a desktop app, we’re talking about the mobile app here.

You get private and team workspaces, under which you can create Pages, which, in turn, can have sub-pages. Now, this ‘Page’ is essentially your playground. It could be a simple blank text entry to take notes. It could be a Trello like task management layout to keep track of your work. It could be calendar shared by your team. It could be an Excel sheet and more. There are a bunch of useful pre-made templates that can help you unlock its full potential. If you’re thinking that this app is just a bunch of useful templates you would be wrong. It supports a number of useful features like drag-and-drop, real-time collaboration, offline editing, rich media content and more. The best part? Most of it is free.

The app doesn’t restrict usage to people who have the app. You can share the page links with people outside of the app, who will be able to access the page on the web browser through Notion’s web app. Also useful is the feature to add properties to any page. For instance, a page where you’ve noted down the recipe from an online video can have a link to that video under the ‘Link’ property shown right at the top.

A lot of what Notion does provide is already available from other sources. For instance, having a Google account gives you access to Docs, Sheets, Calendar and even other added benefits. You have to keep in mind though, that Notion is not really offering all of that, and neither is it collecting as much data about you as Google can. So, as a free app, it is pretty useful.

Arnab Mukherjee

Arnab Mukherjee

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