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A versatile home for Agent001’s camera gear

When the cat’s out of the bag

Before we get into what I finally ended up buying, I think it’s best that I put down what all I wanted in my new bag. It better have adjustable compartments and the padding has to be just right. By that I mean it shouldn’t be too thick wherein the dividers become too rigid and it better not be too thin that it fails to protect the cameras and the lenses. Protection is obviously the priority but being accessible while doing the same should also be a feature. I don’t want a separate bag for my laptop, so there has to be a padded compartment for my laptop. For my cameras, I have one body and a couple of additional lenses that I carry most of the time on remote trips, especially ones where I can put my photography skills to good use. A 70-200 mm, 24-70 mm and a 17-35 mm. Otherwise, it’s just the additional zoom lens. You know, the usual trifecta. Then there’s a flash and a couple of accessories and additional batteries. Then there’s the laptop and if not a laptop, a portable wireless hard drive. Well, now that you know what’s in my bag, let’s get on with the actual bag-choosing, shall we?

Wondering what can do this? Read on.

In a recent trek to the marshes near Navi Mumbai, I had the misfortune to lose my camera bag. Well I didn’t misplace it or anything, the marshes are extremely slippery and when I did inevitably slip, the cable eyelet on the bag caught onto a nearby stump and the entire section just tore off. If it were a simple zipper coming loose, then I could have easily gotten it repaired but with the entire section coming off, even the inner waterproof layers tore. Fixing that is going to be a chore and there’s no telling if the bag will indeed be waterproof after I’m done. Sure I can go to town with a lot of duct-tape but I doubt the end product will last for long. So yeah, I need a new camera bag and I need as soon as possible.

Most of my friends were quick to drop the big names – Manfrotto, Vanguard, Lowepro, etc. and one guy even went ahead and recommended that I get a Pelican case. A PELICAN CASE! These brands certainly have offerings that offer more than my modest requirements, however, they also come with an equally high price tag. Another friend was kind enough to point me towards the surprising but often rewarding doors of Kickstarter.

The Everyday Backpack can fit a lot of stuff

We’ve been covering crowdfunded products for several years and we can certainly say that there are several hidden gems on the Kickstarters and Indiegogos of this world. That is where I discovered Everyday Backpack by Peakdesign and by the looks of it, I’m not the only one to have been surprised by this discovery. Generally, I’d go and check out a couple of stuff online, do my research and then check them out in person at a local store and maybe even purchase it from the local store if I get a good price. In case of Kickstarter projects like this one, I don’t have the luxury to get a feel of the product in person, so research is all I had to fall back on.

Not just a concept

The Everyday Backpack has a lot going for itself. Its insides are completely adjustable because the dividers are not simply hard foam with two velcro strips on either end but these have pre-made creases to fold along which allow for numerous configurations. So if I want to place a smaller lens, then I can fold the divider in such a way that the small lens is held snugly while opening up the remaining space for more stuff. It’s weatherproof and the straps are designed to be suited for multiple body types because they pivot at the joints. Then there are additional straps which can be accessed from the front pocket. These straps can be configured to hold vertical and horizontal loads. The sheer number of customisation and features packed into this one product puts most market leaders to shame. While there is doubt regarding how this is going to turn out once I get my shipment, it seems that we might have a winner on our hands. If anything, it goes to show how you should always look beyond big brand names when making a purchase decision. Also, when it comes to buying something you need, friends, even those with good intentions, are not always the best people to turn to for advice. No hard feelings, guys!

Agent 001

Agent 001