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A power user’s guide to the new Gmail features

Decoding Gmail’s new features

The Google web client, Gmail, has seen a complete redesign that added a host of features and functionalities to improve security and the UI. While the redesign is available to a lot of users, not all of its features are clear from the get-go. To understand it better, let us take a closer look at the new embedded functionalities.

Side Panel

Side Panel effectively expedites processes by adding icons to some of the frequently used apps by Google. The default apps present on the side panel right now are Google Keep, Tasks and Calendar. You have the option to add shortcuts to any Gmail add-ons that you might already use or ones you may install from the G Suite Marketplace.

Multitasking has never been easier

The side panel is designed to encourage and enable multitasking by letting users copy any content to and from the apps without leaving your inbox. For instance, you can easily verify with your Calendar before agreeing to meet someone via an email. You can also add emails directly to Google Tasks instead of having to switch between tabs.

Gmail’s new Nudge feature will nudge you if it assesses that you may have forgotten to reply to an important email depending on your usage pattern which it gauges through machine learning.

Hover actions

This feature allows you to perform a host of functions by just hovering your cursor over an email. Hover actions include the ability to snooze an email for a set period of time, mark an email as read or unread, archive and delete an email. These quick actions can be performed by hovering your cursor over the right side of an email.

Gmail can bump up important emails you may have forgotten about

Gmail will bump an email it deems important, to which you haven’t replied, to the top of your inbox. It will also flag emails in which you have asked a direct question if it hasn’t been answered in three days.

Confidentiality Mode

With security being a massive concern amongst users everywhere, Gmail has added a Confidentiality Mode which will let the sender ban the recipient from forwarding, copying, downloading or printing an email. It also allows the sender to set an expiration date to the email after which it disallows the recipient from accessing the email again.

Gmail has added Smart Replies and allows users to view attachments such as photographs or PDFs from the Inbox menu itself which further aids the objective to have a streamlined, multitasking-friendly interface.

Gmail will also highlight emails that are risky and shouldn’t be interacted with

Assistive unsubscribe

Ever find yourself being bombarded by a barrage of newsletters and mailing list emails that you never open? Gmail will suggest their users unsubscribe from these newsletters if it assesses that the user hasn’t been opening or reading the emails from the particular unwanted entities.

Good guy Gmail

This aids users in achieving a clutter-free inbox and enables them to get rid of these unimportant services by doing the bulk of the work for the user – without needing custom filters.

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