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Taking a look at Roccat’s new mechanical switch – Titan Switch

Roccat took to Computex 2018 to showcase their new mechanical switch with the Vulcan line-up of mechanical keyboards.

Roccat had teased a new mechanical switch a few days backs. We finally got official news about its launch at Computex 2018 inside their new Vulcan series mechanical keyboards. The Titan Switch has been developed in-house along with exclusive specifications and custom firmware according to Roccat’s requirements. We sat down with Roccat to know more about the new switch and what they intend on achieving with it.

Developed along with switch manufacturer TTC, Roccat didn’t want to take the route of using a mechanical switch with generic specifications. For starters, they reduced the travel distance from 4mm to 3.6mm while the actuation point was brought down to 1.8mm rather than going with the popular standard of 2mm. This difference should make it quicker and easier for users to register key presses. A custom firmware was also developed to reduce the debounce time. Debounce time refers to the time taken for the switch to register another key press. When you press a key all the way down, the keyboard will wait for a certain period of time until it registers another key press digitally. This time period is called the debounce time. Usually, the debounce time on mechanical switches are 5ms. However, Roccat says that they were able to notice a good enough difference in performance by reducing it to 4ms.

In terms of hardware, we don’t know much whether additional changes were made. What we do know is that instead of Gold cross-points, there’s a different material or alloy being used. This material claims to outlive the life-span of gold cross-points that erode away sooner due to repeated contact. Do note, even though it will erode earlier, it will still take around 12 years for a standard mechanical keyboard to display errors. Roccat says that using the alloy will slightly extend the lifespan.

New Titan Switch from Roccat developed with TTC.

Currently, there’s only one variant available for the Titan Switch in terms of feedback or feel. The Titan Switch is a linear and tactile switch. Typing on them will feel similar to that on Cherry MX Browns. Roccat wanted to offer a middle-ground by offering a tactile feel while being linear and silent. They wanted to cater to both the sides, so that users can still get the satisfying tactile feedback without losing the loud clicky noise. Roccat didn’t mention any plans of introducing speed or clicky variants later. It all depends on the reception on the current one and whether users actually want a different feedback on Roccat’s mechanical keyboards. Although it does come in two lighting variants supporting RGB LEDs and also with single-colour LEDs.

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