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Geekiest winners from d&i awards at COMPUTEX 2018

A look into some of the geekiest d&i award winners at COMPUTEX 2018.

COMPUTEX 2018 started on a high note yesterday with the announcement of the d&i award winners (for design and innovation). For those who don’t know, the COMPUTEX d&i awards were hosted for the first time a decade ago (2008) by TAITRA in cooperation with iF. Since then, it has become a prominent feature of the COMPUTEX Taiwan trade fair. The d&i awards winners this year didn’t disappoint us at all and revealed quite a few products that piqued our interest. Here are our geek picks of the bunch, in no particular order.


A winner in the Peripherals + Accessories section of the d&i awards, the GEE.D H1 is a handle that comes equipped with a physical joystick as well as a smartphone holder. Those of us who play games on our smartphones will testify to the problem with lack of tactile feedback when using on-screen joysticks. Not only do on-screen joysticks affect skill levels, but they also cause joint fatigue, and holding your phone for too long also causes your hands to sweat and risk dropping your expensive phone.

The H1 differs from previous GEE.D joysticks, as it’s a complete phone holder, as opposed to the simpler clip-on joysticks they’ve done in the past. The telescopic arm that holds the joystick allows it to connect to pretty much any form factor phone, and the body of the casing makes it easier to hold than its predecessors.

Because it’s a phone holder-cum-joystick, you do away with all the problems of on-screen joystick controllers. We think this kind of device might actually make the genres of games that use it more popular on smartphones. Let’s wait and watch.


Something all of us in the PC master race want… RGB lit power-supply cables! The Strimer Cable is a set of gorgeous RGB-coloured power supply extension cables that are aimed specifically at us PC and gaming enthusiasts who just want to add a little flair to our cabinets.

The Strimer can be used in any system with a standard 24-pin ATX power cable connector on the motherboard. Strimer’s patented mounting mechanism is what allows it to be mounted in pretty much any system, and has inbuilt controls that will let us customise lighting settings – it’s got ten lighting options. We’re definitely going to order a few for Team Digit!

X299E-ITX/ac Motherboard

We’ve used quite a few of ASRock’s mini-ITX motherboards to build powerful small form factor (SFF) machines, using top of the line CPUs. Nothing gives us more glee than seeing our itty-bitty PCs smoke a friend’s high-tower setup in the mandatory benchmark round of every LAN party. The looks on their faces are priceless, as we pack our PC cases into a backpack and walk off leaving them scratching their heads!

Like all the ones we’ve used, Asrock’s X299 mini-ITX motherboard is small and compact, but still powerful. It caters to the PC enthusiasts like us who want both power and portability. Let’s look at the high-end specs the ASRock X299E-ITX/ac manages to cram into its small size:

It features 3 Ultra M.2 sockets, 6 SATA3 ports, 2T2R Dual Band 802.11ac WiFi, dual Intel gigabit LAN and USB 3.1 Gen2 type-A and type-C connectors. All this in a board that’s 61% smaller than the bulky ATX products!

Acer Chromebox

The Acer Chromebox CX13 is a Chrome OS Mini PC housed in a rounded, streamlined case. The base version, which houses a Celeron processor has 4GB of RAM with either a 32GB or 64GB m.2 SSD. It also comes equipped with a micro-SD card slot as an additional storage perk.

The Chromebox has three USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports and one USB-C 3.0 port. It also features ports for an HDMI cable, LAN for Gigabit Ethernet and a headphone jack. The Chromebox features a vertical stand and an optional VESA mounting kit which allows you to attach the Chromebox to the back of your monitor.

Zotac VR GO 2.0

The ZOTAC VR GO is the first-ever VR backpack that’s designed for VR enthusiasts who want to be tangle-free. It is powered by an 8th Generation Intel i7 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card, which will give you pretty decent immersion in the virtual world.

The VR GO will allow you to be fully immersed, and make as many 360 degree turns as you want, without worrying about tripping over wires… for two hours! That’s when the dual-battery charge runs out, but an advantage is that you can buy more batteries and hot-swap in fully charged ones if two hours of VR is too little for you.  

Mobile C50

The OTG Mobile C50 is a three-in-one OTG Mobile Flash Drive which has three distinct connectors — USB Type A, Micro B and USB Type-C. A compact flash drive, the Mobile C50, sports versatility by allowing users to rely on one device for multiple needs.

You can share data between new-age USB Type-C devices, traditional USB PCs or Laptops and Micro B smartphones or tablets. The Micro B is covered by the USB connector when it isn’t in use. The Type-C connector is protected by a sturdy and elastic rubber cap which claims to be able to be snapped open over 10,000 times.

ASUS ROG Huracan G21

The Republic of Gamers (ROG) Huracan G21 is a compact gaming desktop which sports cyber-warrior and cyber-punk design elements. It features an aggressive, angular chassis, which gives it a tough look.

The G21 also has a cover, which is magnetically secured, that can be opened to increase airflow to the system. ROG claims that this also provides a boost in the performance of the CPU and GPU and also activates Aura light effects. These lighting effects are customisable as well, so you can try and match the lighting of the games your playing. The Aura sync feature lets you match the lighting colours (or sync them up rather), with all your other ASUS peripherals, such as the keyboard, mouse and monitor. They’d have to be ASUS made, support Aura Sync of course…

At a volume of 13 litres, the case is pretty sleek, and it makes sense why the right side is openable for better airflow when you have some serious hardware in there. The innards are accessible from both sides of the case, with one side housing the SSD, HDD and RAM, while the other gives you access to the GPU, CPU and motherboard. 


The LyfieEye200 is the world’s first 360 degrees AR/VR camera which lets users record and share content through their Android smartphones. The LyfieEye200 can also live stream or post images and videos directly to social media. It is also capable of integrating itself with companion apps in this category.

The LyfieEye200 is compact, inconspicuous and lightweight, and sports a maximum resolution of 2880x1440p and records high-resolution videos at 30 fps.


The KicoBox is an educational robot kit or tool that allows users to delve into the world of programming and coding. Multiple applications and functionalities in programming are introduced to beginners in packages that are easy to understand.

The Kicobox supports Scratch, a visual programming interface. The lessons become more advanced as the user progresses and allows them to do much more with the KicoBox. The device sports an OLED screen, a 400 mAh battery, Bluetooth and infrared sensors.


The BagiTag is a wireless and waterproof (IP68 rating) smart luggage tracker. It connects to an Android or iOS device and notifies you when it is time for you to get your luggage from a conveyor belt, when your luggage is moving away from you, and even if you’ve forgotten your luggage or bag.

It has a detection range of up to 30 meters, and it is compact, affordable and most importantly, gives you peace of mind when you’re travelling.

We’re just scratching the surface of the COMPUTEX d&i winners, and we chose gadgets we’d want to own ourselves. Is your wishlist different from ours? Get more coverage on this site as well as on our main COMPUTEX hub, and remember to leave us feedback…

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