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Everything you need to know before Avengers: Infinity War (Part Two)

An all-you-need-to-know cheat-sheet crafted for Marvel ‘Beginners’ and for fans eagerly awaiting the third instalment of the Avengers franchise.

(You’re back for Part Two, which probably infers that you know the article will contain MAJOR SPOILERS if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the films from the MCU.)

Avengers: Infinity War is just two days away and the excitement, truly, cannot be contained! We’ve given you a comprehensive look at the journeys of some of the major characters back in Part One. Let’s continue with Part Two and explore the enthralling journeys of the rest of the beloved characters from our favourite Marvel movies. Also, there’s an exciting bonus section of this article that you will, most definitely, not want to miss. We’ve undoubtedly saved the best for the last.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Captain America: Civil War – A high school student at Queens, Peter Parker procured his abilities after he got bit by a spider. He fights crimes as his alter-ego, Spider-Man, and juggles his school responsibilities at the same time. Tony Stark recruits him in his fight against Captain America. In exchange, Stark offers him a new suit and technology to go along with his abilities.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Parker resumes his education as Stark informs him that he is not ready to become a full-time Avenger. However, Parker keeps struggling with his desire to help the people around him and quits his school’s academic decathlon team to pursue his crime-fighting activities. Parker encounters Toomes and his associates and nearly drowns after being dropped into a lake. Stark saves him. Turns out, he has been monitoring Parker through the suit. He warns him to not get involved with Toomes any further. Parker neglects to take his mentor’s advice and gets caught in a sticky situation yet again, after which Stark takes away his suit. Parker returns to his life at his high school only to realise his friend Liz’s father is Toomes. He tries to stop Toomes from hijacking a plane transporting weapons from the Avengers Tower to a new location and succeeds by intercepting the plane and making it crash-land near Coney Island. Stark is impressed and he asks Parker to join the Avengers full-time, which he declines.

‘Bucky’ Barnes/Winter Soldier

Captain America: The First Avenger – Sergeant James ‘Bucky’ Barnes is a former soldier and Steve Roger’s childhood best friend. Rogers confides in him about his passion for wanting to serve his country. Rogers becomes Captain America after being experimented on with the super-soldier serum. He later discovers that Barnes’ entire unit is MIA. He refuses to believe that Barnes is dead, so he enlists Howard Stark and Carter’s help to mount a solo rescue attempt. Rogers rescues Barnes from a Hydra base. He recruits Barnes and many others to infiltrate Hydra bases. Barnes falls from a train during one of the missions and is believed to be dead.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Barnes lives under the alias ‘Winter Soldier’ and has been working for Hydra after being captured post-WWII and experimented on. He guns down Nick Fury who is pronounced dead during surgery. Rogers recognises the Winter Soldier as his old friend Bucky during a fight. Rogers is unwilling to fight his old friend and gets thrown into the Potomac River. Barnes couldn’t hide his vulnerability long enough and rescued Rogers from the river before disappearing into the woods.

A still of ‘Bucky’ Barnes from Captain America: Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War – A brainwashed Bucky Barnes is sent from a Hydra base to intercept a vehicle carrying the super-soldier serum, in 1991. Helmut Zemo steals a book containing the trigger words that activate Barnes’ brainwashing. Barnes bombs a conference at Vienna that addresses the Sokovia Accords which kills King T’Chaka of Wakanda. Zemo utters the activation words and takes Barnes under his control who he sends on a rampage to conceal his own escape. Rogers brings Barnes back into his senses and learns that Zemo is controlling him. Barnes helps Rogers in his fight against Iron Man. Stark learns that Barnes may have been framed and tries to find Rogers and Barnes to make amends but he realises that Barnes killed his parents and a fight ensues. Stark dislodges Barnes’ robotic arm but the fight comes to an end when Rogers deactivates Stark’s suit. Barnes is now in Wakanda and he chooses to enter a cryogenic sleep until they find a cure for his brainwashing.

James Rhodes/War Machine

Iron Man – Rhodes is a US military officer, a pilot in the US Air Force and Tony Stark’s best friend. He executed the mission to rescue Stark when he was kidnapped by the Ten Rings during a business visit to Afghanistan. Stark reveals his identity to Rhodes first, in order to stop the attack against him.

Iron Man 2 – Rhodes tries to subdue Iron Man at his birthday party, which Stark thinks is his last one. Stark messes around using the Mark VI suit while Rhodes puts on Mark II and fights Stark in an attempt to suppress him. The fight ends in a stalemate and Rhodes ends up confiscating the Mark II suit for the US Air Force. Rhodes leads an Expo in a weapon-heavy version of Mark II where Hammer, Stark’s rival, unveils Vanko’s new armoured drone-suits. Stark warns Rhodes about Vanko working with Hammer. Vanko momentarily takes control of the drones and Rhodes’ armour and attacks Stark. After gaining back control of the suit, with help from Romanoff, Rhodes and Stark defeat Ivan and his drones. Both of them receive medals for their heroism.

Rhodes rebranded as the ‘Iron Patriot’ in Iron Man 3.

Iron Man 3 – Rhodes has now rebranded himself as Iron Patriot. He is lured into a trap in an attempt to steal his Iron Man-like suit. He helps in the battle against Adrian Killian where he saves the President from the attack Adrian Killian planned and takes him into safety.

Rhodes without his suit in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Rhodes teamed up with the Avengers to fight Ultron and his army in Sokovia. He helps to evacuate citizens from Sokovia while the battle is going on along with S.H.I.E.L.D. leader, Nick Fury. They successfully destroyed Ultron and Rhodes officially joined the Avengers under Captain America’s leadership.

Captain America: Civil War – Rhodes enters into a conflict with his team when he sides with Stark regarding the implementation of the Sokovia Accords. Rhodes gets badly injured during a battle with Captain America. He is nearly paralysed which forces him to retire. Stark provides Rhodes with exoskeletal leg braces to ensure he can walk again.

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T’Challa/Black Panther

Captain America: Civil War – T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka, was killed in a bombing attack put into motion by Helmut Zemo. T’Challa began his search for the Winter Soldier/Barnes who he believed was responsible for his father’s death. He sides with Stark in the war against Captain America but has a change of heart and decides to help Rogers save Barnes when he learns that Barnes has been mind controlled by Zemo. He allows Barnes to stay at Wakanda in a cryogenic sleep state until a cure for his mind control is found.

Black Panther – After his father’s death, T’Challa is coronated as the Monarch of Wakanda and is also the current holder of the Black Panther mantle. T’Challa’s begins his hunt for Ulysses Klaue but instead gets confronted by his cousin, Killmonger, who wants to assume the throne for himself. T’Challa defeats Killmonger after a long campaign and introduces the Wakandian technology to the UN.

Loki/God of Mischief

Thor – Loki is an Asgardian prince. He is raised alongside Thor, son of Odin. He sabotages Thor’s coronation by letting Frost Giants into Asgard, provoking Thor into attacking them. Odin banishes Thor to Earth with his hammer. Odin reveals to Loki that his biological father is Laufey, the ruler of Frost Giants, and Odin took him in as his son when he was abandoned after his birth. Loki seized the throne to Asgard when Odin fell into a deep slumber ‘Odinsleep’. The Asgardians strived to get Thor to return to Asgard and end Loki’s reign on Asgard, which he eventually accomplished.

The Avengers – Loki struck a deal with the Other to attain the Tesseract for him in exchange for a powerful army known as the Chitauri army and a mystical but powerful scepter. Loki succeeded in obtaining the Tesseract at Midgard and used its ethereal power to open up a portal above New York that let the Chitauri army invade the city. The Avengers rallied together and defeated Loki and the Chitauri army. Thor returned Loki to Asgard where Odin sentenced him a life in prison as a punishment for his crimes on Earth.

A still of Thor and Loki in Thor: The Dark World.

Thor: The Dark World – Loki was freed by Thor when their mother, Frigga, was killed. Thor and Loki attempted to defeat Malekith who was trying to use the power of the Aether to doom the universe into eternal darkness. Loki faked his death during the fight, returned to Asgard and overthrew Odin and took the throne for himself, disguised as his father.

Loki is ready to battle in Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok – Thor returned to Asgard and realised Loki had been impersonating their father Odin. They set out on a journey to find Odin’s whereabouts and reached him just in time to watch him die. Odin’s death released his true firstborn, Hela, from a trap that was connected to Odin’s lifeforce. Their sister mercilessly waged war against the Nine Realms. The brother landed on a planet named Sakaar where Loki aligned himself to the Grandmaster. Despite everything, Loki sided with Thor in his battle against Hela. Loki summoned Surtur, who destroyed Hela and Asgard as well by causing Ragnarok. Loki supported Thor’s ascension to the throne after the battle.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – In the mid-credits scene, Strucker is seen examining an energy filled scepter and two test subjects. These test subjects are the Maximoff twins – Wanda Maximoff with telekinetic abilities and Pietro Maximoff with superhuman speed.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – The Avengers raid a Hydra facility in Sokovia commanded by Strucker. He has been experimenting with the Maximoff twins using the scepter that Loki was bestowed within the Avengers (2012). The newly-formed Ultron recruits the Maximoff twins after killing Strucker. The twins hold Stark responsible for their parents’ deaths and willingly agree to help Ultron. Wanda stops the Avengers with haunting visions when they try to attack Ultron. Wanda and her brother turn against Ultron when she reads Ultron’s mind and discovers his plans to end humanity. The Maximoff twins help the Avengers stop Ultron but Pietro is killed in the fight which causes Wanda to hunt Ultron down in vengeance. Ultron is destroyed by Vision finally and Wanda joins the Avengers officially.

Wanda Maximoff (left) and Vision (right) in Captain America: Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War – A year after stopping Ultron in Sokovia, Maximoff who is now with the Avengers is attempting to stop Brock Rumlow from stealing a biological weapon. Rumlow blows himself up, to kill Rogers but Maximoff deflects the blast into the sky with her telekinesis and saves Rogers. She joins Captain America’s side against Stark regarding the implementation of the Sokovia Accords, despite fighting valiantly, they lose and are imprisoned. Rogers, however, rescues them and they are forced to live as vigilantes on the run.


Avengers: Age of Ultron – Vision is an android with a body made up of synthetic vibranium, created by Ultron and Helen Cho. The body also encapsulates the powerful infinity stone known as the mind stone. The Avengers steal the body from Ultron, Stark and Banner agree to upload the body with the remnants of J.A.R.V.I.S and receive a nod from Thor who recognises the gem in the body as the mind stone. After his birth, Vision says that he will fight at all costs to protect humanity. Vision assists the Avengers in their fight against Ultron in Sokovia by stopping Ultron from uploading his consciousness on the Internet while the Avengers destroy him. He is accepted as part of the Avengers under Rogers’ leadership.

Captain America: Civil War: Vision sided with Tony Stark in the dispute between Rodgers and Stark over the Sokovia Accords. His feelings for Scarlet Witch caused him to accidentally injure War Machine during the battle. Vision, War Machine and Tony Stark are now the remaining members of the Avengers, while the others are forced to be on the run as they are branded fugitives.

Sam Wilson/Falcon

Captain America: Winter Soldier – Wilson met Rogers during the beginning of the Hydra uprising where they became good friends. He assisted Rogers in bringing down Pierce’s Project Insight. Wilson has been faithful to Rogers ever since, helping him with all of his missions. Wilson also helped Captain America in his search for Barnes/ Winter Soldier in an attempt to rescue him from his brainwashing which turned him into an assassin.

The Avengers – Wilson is taken in as part of the Avengers second initiative under the leadership of Captain America after defeating Ultron in Sokovia.

Ant-Man – Wilson runs into Ant-Man who is attempting to break into the Avengers facility. Wilson considers recruiting Ant-Man as a part of the Avengers.

A still of the Falcon in Captain America: Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War – Wilson chooses to side with Captain America in his fight against Stark over the Sokovia Accords. He believes in Rogers completely and assists him in rescuing the Winter Soldier and exposing Helmut Zemo as the true criminal of the bombing in Vienna. Wilson was arrested and imprisoned but was soon released by Captain America. They were forced to be on the run as they were now felons.


Guardians of the Galaxy – A former assassin, she is now a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanos adopted her after he destroyed her entire race. Gamora served Thanos for years but eventually grew tired of his ways and escaped. She was hired to steal the Orb, a mysterious object, and soon became tangled in the quest for the Orb. She allied herself to the Guardians of the Galaxy at this time, befriending them. Following the battle of Xandar, Gamora continued to run with the Guardians.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Gamora acquired custody of her step-sister Nebula through a deal she made with the Sovereign. She intended to punish Nebula at Xandar for all her wrongdoings. The Guardians came in contact with Ego, Peter Quill’s biological father. Gamora’s plan to bring Nebula to justice had to be paused due to this development. Gamora grew suspicious of Ego, even though he claimed he just wanted to bond with his son. The Guardians learned Ego’s true motive where he desired to destroy the entire universe and recreate it again. The Guardians destroyed Ego’s planet which effectively killed him. Gamora made up with her sister, Nebula in the course of their fight against Ego.


Guardians of the Galaxy – Nebula is Thanos’ adoptive daughter and Gamora’s step-sister. She is Ronan the Accuser’s right-hand woman and helps in Thanos and Ronan’s quest to retrieve the Orb. She assists them in their fight against the planet Xandar and the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, she allies herself with Ronan when he betrays Thanos, because of the hate fostering in her for her adoptive father.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Nebula is captured by the Sovereigns and they hand her over to the Guardians of the Galaxy as part of a deal. She escapes the Guardians and helps lead a revolt by the Ravagers against Yondu, their leader. She leaves again to find Gamora and end her life, however, the two end up reconnecting and she forgives her sister. Nebula helps the Guardians in their battle against Ego and assists in destroying his planet which will kill him. In the aftermath of the battle, she leaves to exact revenge against Thanos and plans to kill him.

BONUS: Stan Lee

We promised and we are now delivering. Here’s a curated list of all the Marvel movies Stan Lee has appeared in. Stan Lee’s cameos have raised numerous speculations and it appears, according to the latest instalment of Guardians of the Galaxy, that Stan Lee in all the movies is actually just ONE character and may even be a Watcher.

Iron Man: Appears as Hugh Hefner at a red-carpet event. Stark says “Hello” to him.

The Incredible Hulk: Lee is now a man from Milwaukee who takes a sip soda contaminated by the Hulk’s blood.

Iron Man 2: Appears as Larry King. Stark greets him during a press event.

Thor: Driver of a white pickup truck that unsuccessfully attempts to pull out Thor’s hammer off the ground after it crashes onto Earth.

Captain America: The First Avenger: Disappointed man, who thought Captain America would be taller.

The Avengers: Frustrated citizen who cannot take any more of these superhero antics!

Iron Man 3: Appears as a delighted judge in a beauty contest, holding up a perfect 10 scorecard.

Thor: The Dark World: Member of an institute for the elderly who REALLY wants his shoe back.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: A security guard fearful of being fired from a museum when Captain America’s suit goes missing.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket spots Lee interacting with a pretty, young woman.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Takes a swig of Thor’s alcohol which has been aged for a 1000 years. Wait, What? He’s then seen being escorted out of the bar highly inebriated.

Ant-Man: A classic! Lee appears as a bartender.

Captain America: Civil War: A FedEx delivery man who misreads Stark’s name as “Tony Stank”.

Doctor Strange: Reading Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception, completely oblivious to the fact that the world is being folded in half.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Astronaut stuck on a planet of Watchers. He tells them about his time as a postman on Earth. This scene is what brought on the controversial theory which stated that Lee may be playing the same character in all his cameo appearances. Spoooky!

Spider-Man: Homecoming: Parker’s neighbour who exclaims, “Hey, I think I know that guy!” A subtle nod to the previous Spider-Man movies.

Black Panther – A Greedy man at a casino who says he will “hold those chips” that T’Challa’s won and steals them.

There you have it, a completely comprehensive list of the journeys all our favourite Marvel superheroes have undertaken, along with a Stan Lee bonus section for all you comic fans. In case you missed Part One of this article where we delve into the journeys of Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk and more, click here to catch up.

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