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The craziest fan theories out there

There are fan theories, and then there are these fan theories

All of us have our favourite fandoms, don’t we? Well, some might have a hallowed respect for everything that is part of the official mythos. That doesn’t stop some fans with an (over)active imagination from coming up with their own theories to explain and expand their favourite universe or story. More often than not, these theories make a whole lot of assumptions and are downright hilarious. But sometimes, the sheer craziness combined with proper analysis and backed by actual observations lead to some insane fan theories.

Darth Binks

Starting this off with something that is hilarious and has a detailed analysis to back it up at the same time, the most infamous character from the Star Wars prequel trilogy is theorised to be a great Sith lord based on a number of clues, detailed by Reddit user Lumpawarroo in this thread.

The analysis basically highlights the numerous times when Jar Jar’s seemingly innocuous and seemingly ‘stupid’ actions have actually had important consequences and would have required a considerable amount of combat mastery to pull off. The best part of this section is where is stumbling, uncoordinated actions are compared, move by move, with a particular discipline of Kung Fu called Zui Quan, or Drunken Fist wushu.

Behold the Phantom Menace

To establish his force powers, the theory highlights how a silly character like him goes on to become a Bombad General and eventually a senator – apparently by the use of force based mind control. The best part of this theory is the analysis of his actions being based on an overarching evil motive to drive the plot where it went. He taught Anakin to be disrespectful of Qui-Gon by making fun of him behind his back, fanned the flames of Anakin’s feelings for Amidala. This was because he was a co-conspirator with Palpatine, possibly even his master. It does seem like a rare coincidence that both Binks and Palpatine are from the planet of Naboo.

In light of the overall structure of the Star Wars universe, many have supported this theory by stating that Jar Jar was originally planned to be the phantom bit of the Phantom Menace. Another aspect of the universe that is put behind this theory is George Lucas’ particular mirroring of the original trilogy in terms of narrative themes. While the light side in the original trilogy has Master Yoda, the dark side in the prequels has – you guessed it – Darth Binks.

Dumbledore = Death

To understand this theory, we might need to head to one of the popular fables in the Harry Potter universe, namely, the tale of three brothers. In the story, the three brothers come across Death while crossing a river they were supposed to die in, with a magical bridge. Death cunningly grants them the ability to ask for “gifts” that they might need to hide from him. The brothers ask for the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone respectively, and the invisibility cloak.

Just casually training the next Master of Death

Dumbledore had all three items at some point in time. And we all know by now how he gave the invisibility cloak and the resurrection stone to Harry, and inadvertently ended up giving the Elder Wand to him too. It is also evident that Dumbledore was responsible for the death of Voldemort (the brother after the Elder Wand) and Snape (the brother whose loved one dies) and it was Harry who lives till a ripe old age, and meets “Death” as an equal at King’s Cross Station.

The theory takes it one step further by explaining that not only was Dumbledore Death, he was training Harry to succeed him in that role all along. You can tell that his choice was not misplaced as Harry willingly gave away all three hallows throughout the course of his life.

Tyrion is the son of Daenerys and Drogo

Technically, the theory is known as D+D=T, which is more than a little weird. According to the theory, Tyrion is the son of Dany and Khal Drogo. Well done, Game of Thrones. Well done.

Something bizarre happened in the tent with Mirri Maz Duur. After the ritual, Dany had a stillborn who appeared dead for years. Flashback to the birth of Tyrion, his appearance was monstrous even as a baby. Dany’s stillborn had leathery wings and a tail. It appears that Mirri Maz Duur switched Joanna Lannister and Dany’s babies while they were still in the womb. The actual nature of the monstrosities of the two babies are not the same, Dany’s stillborn had reptilian characteristics, such as scales, while Tyrion had mammalian characteristics at birth, including a beard.

GoT has a penchant for confusing relationships.

Further evidence in support of the DDT theory is how closely Tyrion’s story tracks that of Oedipus. Both walk funny, are hated despite saving their people, are disowned by their fathers, and end up killing their fathers. If Tyrion marries Dany, the story will be complete. Check out the theory posted on Reddit by xyseth.

Wall-E is evil

The cute little robot who eventually is willing to sacrifice himself to save humanity – what’s there not to love, right? But thanks to a theory by Reddit user Vexelius, Wall-E’s actions are thrown into new light.

Consider this, humanity is living on a spaceship. They have little to do and have grown morbidly obese, but most of the issues that plague us today – war, religion, hunger, discrimination – seem to be non-existent on the ship. They live a comfortable life where all they need is at their disposal and taken care of by robots. Why would anyone want to go back to the barren wasteland that Earth was at this point? They are basically in paradise.

Not so cute anymore, are we?

Then along comes Wall-E, who gives Eve a seedling (the name does ring a bell, doesn’t it?), which sparks off a desire in the normally pliant captain to return to Earth. This ends up in humans losing their comfortable existence and starting off a life on Earth where they toil for their existence and seem to be headed towards our current state. As the theory states, “It wouldn’t be surprising if, generations later, the people in Wall-E’s universe starts telling tales of a time when they lived in a place of eternal bliss until a tempter gave a woman named Eve a plant, which led to mankind’s downfall.”

The Pokémon war

There are a number of theories about the Pokémon universe which point to a singular, important event in their timeline – the Great Pokémon War. According to this theory, there was a great war in the Pokémon world prior to the events of the first game in the series. Most of the middle-aged adults were drafted in the war and died, which is why you see so few adults around you.

Lt. Surge is the Gym Leader of the Vermilion Gym. He hands out the Thunder Badge to Trainers who defeat him. At one point, he mentions that ‘the electric Pokemon saved him during the war’. The war angle also explains the lack of infrastructure in the initial days of the series apart from gyms, hospitals and other facilities – with the focus being on training and travelling to build the next generation of soldiers.

This is how a war starts

The best part of this theory is where it connects to Pokémon Go. According to this theory, the events of Pokémon Go are a prequel to the main series. Indications include candies being given to Pokémon, and gym leaderships changing frequently. Eventually, the three factions in the game, are said to go to war over issues ranging from synthetic Pokémon to supremacy.

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