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App of the Week: Ridlr

A ticketing app that needs to be available across platforms and cities

If you’ve taken public transport in India, especially in any of the cities, you know quite well how crazy it is to get a ticket. In fact, some might say that’s exactly what encourages a lot of people to travel ticket-less every day *wink wink*. But illegal activities aside, balancing yourself in a crowded bus while getting the exact change out while the glaring ticket conductor awaits, or braving the brutal crowds of a Metro station isn’t exactly an ideal way to travel, are they? Ridlr is an app that has been around for a while with the aim to improve this situation in Mumbai, and with a host of features added over the last few months, the app could very well be on the way to become your one-stop public transport ticketing solution.

The ticketing facility on Ridlr

Which means that there are still things that it cannot do. But that comes later. The app allows you to buy tickets and passes for a number of transport services in the city like BEST buses, NMMT buses, MBMT buses and the most recent addition, the Reliance-powered Mumbai Metro. Let us take an example to understand how it works.

  • You board a BEST bus and open the Ridlr app.
  • Select BEST ticket and Buy New.
  • Search for your bus number and tap on it to choose the From and To stations.
  • Select the number of tickets and hit ‘Confirm Details’. This is where the app confirms if you’re on the right bus.
  • Once confirmed, the app deducts the required balance from a connected wallet and shows you a token number.
  • Share that token number with the ticket conductor to get a paper ticket.

Are you wondering how this works? The ticketing machine that the conductors use has an IoT device within it, which generates a signal using Wi-Fi protocol. This signal is read by the app and authenticated. Needless to say, the ticketing device is configured to a particular bus.

The app supports a wide range of wallets like Citrus, Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik, JioMoney and Vodafone M-Pesa along with credit service LazyPay. You can also earn Ridlr Points for referring new users to the app, which can be directly used to purchase new tickets, essentially letting you travel for free.

Additional features on Ridlr

The app offers a few additional features for BEST Pass users. You can renew your Bus Pass within the app itself without having to go to a depot, and you can convert your physical pass to a mobile pass as well. Additionally, you can register for a new pass on the app itself in the Daily Pass and Mobile Pass under the BEST Pass section.

The QR ticket for Mumbai Metro on Ridlr

Similarly, for Mumbai Metro, you can recharge your smart card from within the app. And thanks to the Skiip Q facility of Mumbai Metro, you can also buy QR tickets from within the app – which means that you do not need to stand in long queues to get your token anymore.

The only problem with Ridlr is that it is restricted to Mumbai. A facility like this can greatly benefit travellers and commuters across the country and will also greatly reduce the number of ticketless travellers every day across all forms of transport. For instance, a similar solution for train ticketing is available in the form of the UTS mobile app but anyone who’s used it can tell you that it’s a bit of a pain to use. The same thing, if and when implemented on Ridlr, would be really helpful to commuters.

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