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Geeky movies to look forward to in 2018

2017 gave us Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor: Ragnarok and Wonder Woman, but 2018 has even more in store when it comes to geeky movies. While the list is dominated by superhero movies, there are a few sci-fi and fantasy movies to look forward to as well. The release dates are for India, but are subject to change.

Black Panther
Release Date: 16 February
As the last film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before the release of Avengers: Infinity War, the build up of hype for Black Panther has been pretty intense. Fans are in for a treat as Wakanda appears to be a technologically sophisticated futuristic utopia. The curated soundtrack is produced by Kendrick Lamar.

Release Date: 22 February
Audiences in India will have to settle for a Netflix release, and might not get to see this promising science fantasy horror film on the big screen. Readers can prepare for the movie by reading the novel by Jeff VanderMeer, the first in the Southern Reach trilogy, which is an eerie atmospheric horror story reminiscent of the works of HP Lovecraft.

Tomb Raider
Release Date: 16 March
Lara Croft returns to the big screen after a gap of fifteen years, with a reboot of the film series starring Alicia Vikander. While we thoroughly enjoyed the 2013 video game that the movie is based on, the trailer already shows plenty of deviations. Expect plenty of action, as well as a dose of mythical elements.

Pacific Rim Uprising
Release Date: 23 March
Giant robots fighting monstrous aliens is a good enough premise, but the trailer builds up the anticipation further by promising to explore drifting between three Jaeger pilots instead of the usual two. The Kaiju are bigger and more powerful than ever, there is a whole stable of lighter and faster Jaeger as well.

Ready Player One
Release Date: 30 March
This looks like another cyberpunk movie set in a dystopian future. Most of the world’s population lives in slums due to overpopulation, and spend most of their living life in a massive connected virtual environment called OASIS. The creator of OASIS bequeaths of the ownership of the environment to the anyone who solves mini games and puzzles to find an Easter egg, resulting in a free for all.

Release Date: 14 April
The sequel to Enthiran (or Robot), 2.0 promises to be a kickass action film, with plenty of comedy thrown. With a budget of Rs 450 crore, 2.0 is the most expensive film ever made in India. Rajinikanth returns as Chitti, while Akshay Kumar plays the villain, Crow Man. The world is not only for humans.

Release Date: 20 April
Rampage is a screen interpretation of a series of video games from the 80s that involved the players taking the role of various monsters to attack cities and avoid law enforcement authorities. The movie promises plenty of over the top action, stars Wayne Johnson, and a giant albino Gorilla named George. Also, a genetically modified wolf takes down a helicopter.

Avengers: Infinity War
Release Date: 27 April
There is not enough space here even to mention all the superheroes who are going to appear on screen in this one. The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy will work together try and stop the mad titan Thanos from collecting all the infinity stones. Avengers: Infinity War is easily the most anticipated movie of the year.

Solo: A Star Wars Story
Release Date: 25 May
Breaking a three year streak, there will not be a Star Wars movie releasing this December. The story follows the adventures of a young Han Solo played by Alden Ehrenreich. The film may contain the exploits of Solo only alluded to in the films, including the legendary Kessel run, as well as the game of sabacc.

Deadpool 2
Release Date: 1 June
Deadpool returns for a sequel. The movie still does not officially have a name, but the fake working title in America is “Love Machine”. The eccentric trailer shows Deadpool imitating Bob Ross teaching TV audiences how to paint. Expect a self referential and outrageous marketing blitz in the run up to the release.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Release Date: 22 June
Chris Pratt returns to Blue the velociraptor in this sequel to Jurassic World. This time, the rescue mission is to actually save the dinosaurs from a volcano that is about to erupt. Yep, the dinosaurs are about to go extinct, again. This is going to be an action and CGI fest, but expect some explorations of the legal and moral challenges of genetic engineering as well.

Ant-Man and the Wasp
Release Date: 6 July
At the end of Ant-Man, we saw the suit that Hank Pym was building with Janet van Dyne before she got lost in the quantum realm. In this movie, we will see Ant-Man and the Wasp team up, and hopefully some ants will join in on the action. We will also be seeing more of the quantum realm.

Alita: Battle Angel
Release Date: 20 July
Alita: Battle Angel is set in a cyberpunk future, and features a cyborg with partial amnesia. The title character is found in the garbage with her memories lost, but she retains her martial arts skills. Considering James Cameron is one of the producers, expect top notch CGI.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix
Release Date: 2 November
This is the movie that fans have been waiting for since X-Men: The Last Stand first adapted The Dark Phoenix Saga for the screen. This movie will track the comics more closely. The Dark Phoenix can be expected to be unleashed in full capacity in this film, and a concept art piece shows Dark Phoenix surrounded by spacecraft.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Release Date: 16 November
We can expect to see plenty of magical creatures interacting in weird and wonderful ways with the magizoologist Newt Scamander. Audiences will also get to explore the past of Albus Dumbledore and his rival Gellert Grindelwald. The promotional material refers to a certain Maledictus, which does not sound very nice.

Mortal Engines
Release Date: 14 December
Colossal cities on wheels roving about the Earth growing larger by cannibalising smaller settlements? Bring it on! This is going to be a steampunk fest directed by Peter Jackson, so it is going to be epic as well. The movie is set in the distant future, so there may be some surprises from mankind’s murky past.

Release Date: 21 December
Aquaman was one of the highlights of Justice League, apart from Superman managing to keep his eyeballs on Flash. This superhero movie is expected to feature plenty of underwater action in the suboceanic realm of Atlantis. This is the movie that could very well decide the future of the DC Extended Universe.

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