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App of the Week: Redmorph

The smart firewall

We are almost at the end of the first month of 2018 and security-wise, we haven’t seen much happen this year… yet. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for 2017. With Wannacry, Spectre, Meltdown and more happening in the same year, it is safe to say that end users, tech-savvy or otherwise, have been put considerably on edge with regards to digital security. But one of our most common interfaces to the digital connected world, the smartphone, is yet to keep up with the level of security that is available on desktops. Redmorph is an app that can change that.

The risks posed by granting permissions to apps. Source: Redmorph

Due to the vast technical and use case differences between a desktop and a smartphone, applying the same methods of protection on both isn’t exactly effective. Redmorph has been designed ground up to deal with smartphone security and threats that wouldn’t be as relevant to, say, a Windows user.

Redmorph is a smart firewall that monitors your phone for any possible threats

Once installed, the app executes an initial scan of your system that evaluates the level of risk that your phone is in due to all the apps installed on it. Post that, you are prompted to enable an app sentry and a VPN that checks your phone constantly for trackers that are sharing your information. The app will also suggest a list of apps that can be blocked from accessing the internet without hampering their functionality. At first, the interface might feel a bit confusing and daunting to an average user but thanks to the well-categorised sections, you’ll soon see yourself becoming a serious security nut for your smartphone.

The main dashboard displays the trackers and attacks detected and blocked on the current day, app-wise. You can even drill down to location-based categorisation. Under the security tab, you can tweak the global connectivity and app permissions for your system, as well do the same at the individual app level. Each app is also displayed with the level of risk it poses with the permissions granted to it, with a green key being the lowest and red being the highest. But the best, and perhaps the scariest, part of the app is the live view.

The live view, especially the Spider-web, is the best part of the app

Going into the live view, the app shows a list of trackers currently running on your system and the servers they connect to. Switching to the Spider-web view gives you an impressive connected graph that shows you all the trackers and how they are connected in a visual manner in real time. Additionally, going into the Sentinel section of the app will let you mark individual processes and apps as untrusted, which will instruct the app to monitor them on priority.

Redmorph is not a replacement for your antivirus, in the sense that it hasn’t been built to be an antivirus for your smartphone. The best way to describe it would as a smart firewall that will protect your phone from trackers and cyber threats and put you in unprecedented control. Redmorph is available on the Play Store, charging Rs.50 per month, and at the moment it is actually a good investment, since they will be adding new features for existing users at no additional cost. Go for it, because even if you aren’t a security nut, this app will make you one.

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