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This theory connects Jon Snow to a Lord in Westeros

This theory about Jon Snow’s name connects him to someone in Ned Stark’s past, in a very interesting way. Especially, since he is Aegon Targaryen now

Since Game of Thrones Season 7 ended, the internet has been rife with fan theories, speculations and stories leading up to Season 8. And it doesn’t help that the wait could possibly be two-year long. Shocking and exciting theories have been sprouting up on pretty much everything, like how Bran could be the Night King or will Cersei eventually kill Jaime? But Reddit user duh_metrius, according to a BroBible report, has a theory that is neither shocking nor exciting but rather helpful in understanding one of our favorite and long lost characters in the series – Eddard Stark.

Meet Jon Sn…Aegon Targaryen

Jon Snow has been one of the pivotal characters in the show, especially in the last couple of seasons. His popularity as a character has soared to new heights since one of the biggest fan theories related to him came out to be true – that of him being a Targaryen. Not only that, he turned out to be the legitimate heir to the throne as well. And now this new theory adds another layer to the significance he held for his uncle Eddard Stark.

Jon Snow has been Aegon Targaryen all along

To protect Jon when he was brought to Winterfell years ago, Eddard Stark could not reveal his identity to anyone, even his own family. That included changing his name from Aegon Targaryen to Jon Snow. Now, this theory arises from observing the names of Eddard Stark’s other sons – Robb, Bran, and Rickon.

The name connection

All of these names are related to someone close to Ned. Robb is named after his best friend Robert Baratheon, Bran is named after his brother Brandon and Rickon is named after Rickard Stark, Ned’s father. If Ned decided to name his nephew/adopted-son in a similar fashion, then it is pretty clear as to who that name refers to – Jon Arryn.

That's all we got to see of Jon Arryn on the show.
That’s all we got to see of Jon Arryn on the show.

Jon Arryn was a mentor to Brandon and Eddard as he had accepted them as his wards at the Eyrie in their growing years. Eddard and Jon had also fought together in Robert’s rebellion against the Targaryens. He goes on to become Ned’s brother in law with his marriage to Lysa Tully and also, unknowingly, Ned’s predecessor as the Hand of the King.

The beautiful significance

The relation between the two names might have been apparent to many fans for a while. But in the current situation, especially with how Jon’s character has evolved to achieve all the Ned would have probably achieved had he been alive, the parallel between the relationship between Jon Arryn-Ned with that between Ned-Jon Snow is interesting. It is quite evident throughout the show that Jon’s love and respect for Ned have guided him through many decisions significant to the story, as had Jon Arryn’s principles and teachings did for Ned.

And the best part? The story that started with one Jon’s death could end with another Jon (now Aegon Targaryen) eventually saving the realm from certain destruction at the circumstantially combined hands of Cersei and the Night King.

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