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This fan-made Game of Thrones trailer takes it to the future

This fan made Game of Thrones trailer has got us in the mood for a different kind of Westeros – one set in the modern times. Check it out!

Have you ever imagine what it would be like if you could have pet direwolves? Or if dragons would be flying overhead and winters would last tens of years in our world? Or maybe if the red priests were real, what if they could bring anyone back from the dead?

We aren’t rambling. No, we are not THAT badly affected by Game of Thrones Season 7 being over. With the next Game of Thrones season possibly being 18 months away, a fan made trailer set in the universe has been doing the rounds. But there’s something a bit different about this Westeros.

Something..seems a bit off.. doesn't it?
Something..seems a bit off.. doesn’t it?

This world is set in our times. A Lannister Prime Minister has to give a speech to his citizens to calm them down about fears of things coming over the wall. A direwolf steps out of a limousine. Protesters wave the Stark sigil against smoke bombs. A road runs right under the wall, shrouded in winter. And somewhere, over what looks like London, a dragon flies overhead. What’s there not to get excited about?

The actual trailer

YouTube user Westeros The Series had uploaded the trailer on 29th August and judging by the likes and subscribers they already have, this is getting a lot of good feedback.

While the mixed reactions in the comments section are understandable, there is no denying that the trailer shows promise. And if it’s about who would watch such a show, you can count us in!

But will it happen?

While HBO has talked about as many as four prequels to follow the end of Game of Thrones, this one’s unlikely to be one of them. At least anytime soon. But HBO, if you’re listening, this is amazing and please make it happen!

Arnab Mukherjee

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