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The most innovative edutech startups in India

On this teacher’s day, check out some startups in India that are transforming the learning experience as we know it

Education is something that makes us who we are. And today, more than ever before, education has broken almost all conventional boundaries – be it in terms of the medium of disbursal or the diversity in what’s out there to learn about. Technology is bringing education to new places everyday, and it’s doing so right here in India as well.

On this teacher’s day, let’s have a look at some of the most innovative startups in the field of education in India. From monthly subscription boxes to virtual reality content, these startups are infusing technology into every aspect of education.


There’s no denying the importance of a school-based education. Upto a certain extent, there are some things you can only learn in a classroom. But for when you need to get some learning done beyond that, often a coaching class or a tuition teacher comes to the rescue. In today’s hectic schedules though, especially in urban setups, it becomes a bit difficult to accommodate a fixed coaching class or a tuition teacher’s schedule beyond your own. To resolve this, a number of really helpful on-demand coaching platforms have emerged. And among them, Vedantu has shown a lot of promise.


Offering class specific, exam specific and special summer accelerator courses at pretty reasonable rates, Vedantu offers you the flexibility to schedule classes according to your convenience, with the only restriction being on the number of classes per week.


While online tutoring has its own benefits, so does actual home tutoring. While theoretical subjects like physics, chemistry can be taught online, actual skill based lessons like those for yoga, musical instruments etc have to be taken in person. On-demand tutor platform Qriyo solves this requirement by providing tutors, or as they call them, ‘Qriyo Gurus’ for a host of lesson types ranging from academic to creative to sports oriented.

All you need to do is go to the platform, specify your requirements, your location etc and then approve the price that is shown to you. They do the rest and pretty soon you’re booked with a suitable tutor. Currently available in limited cities, Qriyo is looking to expand all over India pretty soon.

Veative Labs

When virtual reality broke into the scene it was immediately tagged as a novelty, something meant just for entertainment and gaming. Fast forward to the present and VR has shown its usefulness in a number of categories like architecture, simulation training and also education. And that’s what Veative is all about.

Veative currently offers more than 300 modules which combine 3D, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality content and teaching tools to provide an innovative learning experience tailored to suit every classroom. The topics currently include biology, chemistry, physics, and maths and all modules can be easily adapted for any language. They include 3D models, 360-degree videos, tasks, exercises, simulations, and other interactive activities, all complemented by smart analytics and classroom management apps for teachers.


This doesn’t mean that you cannot avail their services as an individual. Their annual subscription costs ₹5,999 and comes with a VR Headset and a controller. While the devices available with the school-level plan contain displays and are mainly controlled by the teachers, the individual device works just like any other Google cardboard offering. Try this on, or gift it to a student you know and watch them learn from an entirely new medium.


Every year, a large number of people in our country try to learn one particular language – English. But in a country with as many ethnicities and regional languages like India, a single approach towards the language does not work. The HelloEnglish app from CultureAlley aims to bridge that gap by providing a free, language-specific tailormade learning experience to everyone. Be it Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, Nepalese or almost any of the multitude of languages spoken around India, HelloEnglish allows you to chose your root before starting the course, as well as the objective for learning english (better job, better social life etc).


But rather than providing a boring, routine course-like approach, the platform offers a gamified experience in learning the language where you get ‘games’ for each lesson you take. With these games you earn coins as well as improve your rank. We started off at a rank of 2.91 crore in the Hindi to English section, so there’s no doubt that the platform is popular. On top of that, the platform also offers premium services like interview preparation course, resume editing service as well as in-app purchases to unlock all lessons.


A relatively rising startup in the edutech scene, HappyMongo aims to ‘strengthen the roots’ for using innovative ways of applying virtual reality and augmented reality. Their main offerings are personality, aptitude and language development programmes for children and adults alike. They have multiple offerings across platforms – web, smartphone and, interestingly, printed workbooks.


Doodles, their augmented reality offering for kids, allows a kid to fill colours into a proprietary colouring book (which comes as a complete set priced at ₹599 on Amazon.in, or even smaller packages). Once the colouring is complete, the child can scan the page on the companion mobile app to watch the figure come alive – with animations and sound. This promises to add a new layer to a child’s conventional learning from a colouring book.

Blossoms is a self-learning package that improves listening, speaking, reading, writing skills, maths and GK skills through a series of interactive content on workbooks, web and mobile apps. The learning is carried out through episodic stories that also tie into the worksheets.

Big Talk simulates a VR public speaking experience

Big Talk is a VR app that helps develop public speaking skills. It simulates an audience for you to talk to, regarding your sales pitch, your classroom presentation and any other public speaking situation. They also offer a Google Cardboard based HappyMongo VR headset to go with it.

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