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New phone technology unveiled at Apple Special event

Today’s #AppleEvent had Boo-Man all hyped up and the iPhone X had everyone’s attention. It’s poised to set the pace of technology for the next decade … or not.

The first ever event at the spanking new Steve Jobs Theater was an action-packed, adjective-heavy gala event that was choc-full of never seen before technology.

I was especially interested in the new iPhone launches. There was the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and of course the expected iPhone X (pronounced “ten”).

While the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were expected upgrades, the iPhone X was a brand-spanking-new device that’s never been seen before… well at least in an Apple store…

So here’s the list of awesome, bionic, cool, delicious, earth-shattering, fantastic, gorgeous, huge, incredible, jaw-dropping, killer, life-changing, momentous, noteworthy, outstanding, path-breaking, quirky, revolutionary, smarter, terrific, unbelievable, vital, wonderful, xceptional, youthful, zippy technologies that the iPhone X boasts of:





Watch this space, we’re sure we will find something eventually!

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Boo Man

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