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John Cena as Shazam
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John Cena might be Shazam! in DC Extended Universe

Will you be able to see him if he is cast as the DC superhero? Jokes apart, we expect some high octane wrestling action with Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam!

DC Comics has been trying hard to get a strong hold on to the superhero movie market and with the runaway success that Wonder Woman was, we could be looking at that becoming a successful attempt. Another movie that could be really crucial for that is the upcoming Shazam!, with director David F. Sandberg recently announcing that pre-production was underway of the DC Comics adaptation. And with that announcement, we are already getting reports of rumored casting confirmations – WWE Wrestler John Cena is apparently a frontrunner for the role, along with Joshua Sasse, British actor of Galavant fame.

A better choice?

According to the report from That Hashtag Show, there was apparently a third contender as well who has since been disqualified as a choice. While John Cena’s fans might be rooting for him to bag the role, the lesser known Joshua Sasse might work in the studio’s favor by becoming a more malleable face for the role of Shazam. On the other hand, the fact that John Cena’s popularity might, by itself, be a huge factor in drawing audiences to the theatre should not be lost on the studio executives. Especially since Dwayne Johnson has been confirmed as Black Adam for a standalone movie in the same universe. If you’re expecting some high-octane Rock Bottoms and FUs, let us tell you that you’re not the only ones.

Rock vs Cena
With Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Black Adam, we could get some of this action on the silver screen with Cena’s Shazam

The role

There’s a tentative synopsis out for the movie and it is as below:

Based on the DC Comics character “Shazam!” Billy Batson becomes Captain Marvel, the world’s mightiest mortal, when he says the magic word “Shazam! The name is an acronym for six gods and heroes of the ancient world as well as their attributes. The wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles and speed of Mercury.

The role of Shazam would require a comedic experience that John Cena certainly has with his previous outing as Steven in the Amy Schumer movie Trainwreck. Playing the role of a superhero with the abilities of Superman but the mind of a teenager – yup, humor is definitely on the cards. Sasse also brings in his own share of humor into the mix with his experience in the comedy-musical Galavant.

The villain

As of now, it is not clear who exactly has been cast as the antagonist. While DC executives have repeatedly confirmed that it won’t be Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, that could be a deliberate ploy to throw fans off guard and keep the casting under wraps. Originally, Black Adam was conceived as a villain to Shazam, with him being a previous iteration of the same hero. Then again, it could be a completely new character with DC building up an impressive roster leading up to its next phase.

Yes, we could get this too

In conclusion

Shazam could be an important, child-friendly, humor packed movie that would hit theatres after the Aquaman movie. This one could prove to be a crucial light experience leading up to a darker phase in the DC universe. The movie is set to start filming February 2018 and we should have much more details as the date draws nearer.

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