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Jobs that AI should take away

With all the fear that AI will eventually take our jobs away, here are some jobs we WANT them to take over. Good riddance!

Before the Robot revolution comes and we all become slaves to the AI overmind, the first step would be them taking over key functions. While a lot of really smart people have warned us about this time and again, here are some jobs we’re glad to give up.

Fast food serverPizza

For starters (see what we did there?), there’ll be no more of those ‘would you like some fries with that’ jokes. You know, because AI don’t get jokes. Also, wouldn’t it be nice to have your fast food server tell you, right down to the calories, exactly how unhealthy your food is?



We’d be lying through our teeth if we said we didn’t want an AI butler just like Jarvis. I mean, just think about programming it to call you Mr. Stark? British accent has to be a must of course. Not that it’s a fantasy of ours or anything. As long as it doesn’t pull an Ultron, we *should* be fine.


Cab driversTaxi

Who likes to be refused by cab and auto drivers because, well, they just don’t want to go? With AI, these whimsical desires will be a problem of the past. But, be prepared for it to refuse to take you to the pizza place because it’ll know if you’ve crossed your calorie count for the day.



Can you really trust another human to be totally unbiased while taking your brain apart? An AI on the other hand, will treat your thoughts as pure, cold data and tell you what you need to know – without bias. Keep an eye out for any Westworld vibes though.


Your tinder matchTinder

We know this isn’t a real job, but it sure would be nice. It’s not like it’s happening with any real intelligence anyway, is it guys? With the level chat bots are at, you wouldn’t really know the difference. And look at the bright side, it’ll never ask you if it looks fat!


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Manish Rajesh

Manish Rajesh