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Trailer Trove: Narcos, What Happened to Monday and more

It was an amazing week as the folks spent their mornings watching the latest from Game of Thrones, and had a lot of theories to present. But now they’re saving their heads from the Internet since HBO got hacked recently. The script and full video of the upcoming episode leaked and looks like it’s going to be a tough weekend for them to dodge the spoilers. Being swamped with work, none of us got to watch Dunkirk but someone sneaked out and watched it alone. Moving to our recent gaming obsession, PUBG received new updates and we have mixed feelings about it. We haven’t explored all of them but our team coordination has drastically improved as we’ve been finishing in the top 10 frequently now.

This week Netflix released trailers of four upcoming anime series and our resident anime geeks are excited to feast on some original content. This is part of Netflix’s plan of releasing more anime content over time. Additionally, there are four more trailers to watch this weekend.

Narcos (Season Three)

The full trailer for the next season of Narcos is here and things are going to get more brutal and gory than ever before. Based on the Medellin cartel previously exploring Pablo Escobar’s journey as the biggest drug lord, season three gets its hands dirty with the Cali Cartel. This season will be all about how the downfall of Escobar led to the world’s biggest cartel ever. Of course, achieving this milestone has only one way and that is endless bloodbaths and body bags. Officer Javier Peña played by Pedro Pascal is back in this season and he’ll be taking the fight to the cartel bosses to bring the same fate to them as Escobar. Things look bloody brilliant literally and we’re all hyped for this season.

Release date: September 1.

The Crossing

The trailer starts off like a normal drama TV show, but as soon as hundreds of bodies floating in the sea appears, it gets dark. Refugees are fleeing to America from a country under war as they seek asylum in a small town. But the refugees are running away from America itself! If that doesn’t sound crazy enough, the apparent war raging on is going to happen about 150 years into the future! Coming from the makers of Lost, the show caught our attention. Towards the end of the trailer, one of the refugees looking for her daughter suddenly displays superhero powers while escaping and it definitely has our full attention now.

Release date: October, 2017 (TBA).

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds shooting guns and kicking each other’s asses in an action movie? We’ll take it. This might cross your mind, but no, this isn’t a Deadpool and Avengers crossover. Trailers have already been out and recently they released the following one focusing on Jackson’s character’s love for his wife. The wife is played by Salma Hayek and it’s all about how much they love each other. Although this sounds too sappy for an action movie, the way their story is depicted will surprise and amuse you.

Release date: August 17.

What Happened To Monday?

Overpopulation is already becoming a problem and “What Happened To Monday” is exploring a dystopian future where it has become a crisis. Set in 2073, a global one child policy per family has been implemented by the Child Allocation Bureau (CAB). The organisation actively hunts for siblings born in a family and if found “processes” them. We aren’t completely sure whether processing means execution. In the midst of this chaos, seven identical sisters are born and to stay low from the bureau, only one of them goes out in public at a time. Named after all the seven days and depending on the day, they leave the house accordingly while donning the identity of a single lady. The story gets interesting when Monday is intercepted by agents from the bureau.  This also looks like a subtle and universal hate for Monday, as the first day of the week. From the first trailer, it looks like an interesting sci-fi movie and worth checking out.

Release date: August 18.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard looks like a fun movie with humour and action. Who’s excited?

Abhijit Dey

Abhijit Dey

While indulging deep into conspiracy theories surrounding comic book movie plots, he can be found rewatching them looking for easter eggs. Otherwise, his weekends are spent on gaming and browsing memes.