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Stranger Things could end after Season 4

The immensely popular Netflix Original is due to return this October. And if the series creators are to be believed, its days could already be numbered.

While the second season of Stranger Things, the hugely popular Netflix Original, is set to premiere this October 27th, creators Duffer Brothers have indicated that the series will have no more than four seasons overall. While it might be a good thing for the creative quality of the series, fans are surely not going to be happy with the possibility that Stranger Things might be on its way out before the decade ends.

The cast of the show at the San Diego Comic Con 2017
The cast of the show at the San Diego Comic Con 2017

In an interview to the Vulture about the iconic status that the show has gathered, one-half of the duo, Ross Duffer, mentioned that they plan it to be “a four-season thing and then out.” Additionally, brother Matt added “We just have to keep adjusting the story. Though I don’t know if we can justify something bad happening to them once a year.”

Overstaying its welcome

Quite a few popular shows have had the history of overstaying their welcome. For instance, Supernatural has been renewed for a 13th season, set to premiere this October as well. Fans and critics alike believe that the show should have wrapped up long back. It is definitely appreciable that the Duffer brothers are focussed on giving the fans a consistent, believable storyline at Hawkins every year, instead of holding on to their own seats and keeping the episodes coming year after year.

While this was said by the creators themselves, there’s no real guarantee that they’ll stick to it. Just like there’s no guarantee that they will retain fan favorite characters in upcoming seasons. Anything from new creative directions to extended story lines could make it go on for longer. What would you prefer – a longer run for the show at all costs or a cleaner, but shorter storyline?

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