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HP’s new Z VR Backpack PC has an NVIDIA workstation P5200 GPU

The new Z VR Backpack PC, which HP claims is the world’s most powerful mobile PC, is powered by Nvidia’s latest Quadro P5200 graphics card with 16 GB of GDDR5 memory.

Just a few months after HP announced their Omen X Compact PC, the company is bringing another backpack computer, but this one works quite differently from the rest of the competition currently available in the market thanks to fact that it houses a workstation GPU.

The new Z VR Backpack PC, which HP claims is the world’s first wearable PC for VR creators, is powered by a workstation grade GPU. Unlike the Omen X Compact PC (also made by HP) that boasts of Nvidia’s 10 series graphics cards, the Z VR features Nvidia’s latest Quadro P5200 with 16 GB GDDR5 of memory together with an Intel Core i7 vPro processor which makes it ideal for professional VR developers and engineers.

“With the NVIDIA Quadro P5200 powering the HP ZVR Backpack, the wearable VR workstation is realized,” said Josh Peterson, vice president of product management for workstations, HP Inc. “Now our customers can smoothly interact with high-end workloads and complex simulations with optimal performance and the ultimate user experience.”

Backpack computers have been gaining a lot of popularity recently thanks to the success of high-quality VR headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. However, all VR backpacks currently available have been largely focused for VR gaming, and HP wants to widen this approach by bringing in a powerful all-in-one machine targeting professional designers using which they can work with more conveniently strapped on their backs or across a desktop display whenever they need to.

Starting at a price of $3,299, the backpack comes with two 6-cell (55 WHr) batteries, a 330 W smart AC adapter, external battery charger and also includes a companion dock that allows you to use the backpack as a traditional desktop PC. With upgradable options available for additional cost. HP confirms that they will start shipping the Z VR backpack PC in September 2017.

Find more information on the Z VR backpack PC here or check out HP’s official press release here.

Yangerlong Jamir

Yangerlong Jamir