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How to stream movies and TV shows for free for more than 3 months

Streaming your content online is increasingly becoming the standard way to experience multimedia. Be it your way of wasting time or experiencing quality movies, shows and music, there is no doubt that we are more inclined to stream our content rather than downloading it or purchasing it offline. Today, we have the option to chose from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and quite a few other local streaming services and with each choice comes unique offerings and benefits. But what a lot of these services do have in common is a free trial period.

If you’re just starting your online streaming journey, you have a treasure trove of content waiting for you online – all for free. All thanks to these trial periods from multiple sources, if you were to combine these free trial periods and just consume content without looking for a specific show, you might actually be able to stream for free for a much-much longer period of time than you imagine. In fact, let’s give it a shot right now.

(Disclaimer: This is not an article for streaming hacks. We do not recommend or support any illegal method to avoid payment on any streaming service)

(Disclaimer 2: This is not useful if you’re looking for specific shows. If that is the case, it pains us to let you know that you’re on the wrong article!)


Perhaps the most popular streaming media company in the world, Netflix entered India in January 2016. Since then, we’ve been introduced to a host of original content along with tons of amazing TV shows and movies. In terms of pricing, Netflix comes into one of the pricey areas with Rs.500 per month.


But, on the other hand, they do offer a trial period of a month. So, we already have a month of amazing content under our belt where you can spend your time watching Stranger Things, House of Cards, Narcos, Orange is the New Black, The Crown, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, upcoming Defenders and more!! Just forget that you have a life.

Free for: One Month
Total count: One Month

Amazon Prime Video

Following on the popularity of Netflix in India, Amazon launched their own video streaming service in India in December 2016 – as a part of their Prime subscription offering in the country. The initial price was Rs.499, and it is still under the introductory offer at the same price.

Amazon prime video

But just in case you want to test the waters first, go for the month long free trial to enjoy shows like American Gods, Mozart in the Jungle and tons of regional content as well. While the content may not match up to the Netflix level, the subscription is way cheaper.

Free for: One Month
Total Count: Two months


This could very well be the best Indian-origin streaming service available right now. Along with quite a few local movies and shows available for free, they have an entire Premium section dedicated to quality content from all over the world – movies and shows.


With IPL and Game of Thrones under its belt, Hotstar enjoys a fair amount of popularity, if only for a short while every year. And just like its international counterparts, Hotstar also offers a one month trial for its Rs.199 per month subscription.

Free for: One Month
Total Count: Three months


Another Indian name on this list that makes a big splash is Hooq. The service contains an extensive catalogue of popular local and Hollywood content. Shows like The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Flash, Arrow, Supergirl etc along with many popular movies are available on the platform.


The monthly pricing starts from Rs. 79 and is available for the PC, Android and iOS devices. The platform offers you a free trial of one week.

Free for: One Week
Total Count: Three months and One week

Yupp TV

For people who want Indian content, or more specifically, Indian TV content, Yupp TV is a good destination. Offering over 200 live channels, movies and web series on their platform, Yupp TV has a premium tier that allows you access to certain premium channels like MTV, Colors, NDTV and more. For its premium plan of Rs.99 per month, you get a free trial period of a week.


Free for: One week
Total Count: Three months and two weeks

And much more

While that might sum up all the decent trial periods on offer out there, if you’re actually in the market for literally any streaming content, you could go on indefinitely with services like Voot (which is entirely free), Spuul, BoxTV, Hungama and DittoTV offering absolutely free tiers for every user – even though they do not have free trials separately. In fact, some of these services offer exhaustive catalogues, especially if you’re in the market for Indian content.

That being said, the real quality that these services offer cannot be judged entirely in the free trial period. Whether it is Netflix originals or all the Bollywood movies from yesteryears, you can never really finish it all even if you combine all these trial periods. On the other hand, why say no to at least 3.5 months of good content before you start paying for it?

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