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App of the Week: Travelibro

Today, no trip is complete without its own treasure trove of photos, videos, and social media interaction. Travelibro brings a well-designed twist to that.

After a trip, we often end up with a trove of images and videos from multiple locations, which eventually become unidentifiable or merely a scrollable album on social media. On Travelibro, you can change that by documenting every step of your journey as it happens on a beautiful interface.

Although you can also document a past journey, updating one live is where this app shines. In the Travel Life section, you can start a new journey and update it while it happens. You can add your friends to the journey and even they can update the journey timeline with images and videos. This journey can be shared on social media and experienced by anyone as a well-designed timeline that takes the viewer along on the journey as well.

All kinds of traveling in your life

Additionally, you can specify several attributes about yourself as a traveler and the journeys that you undertake. For instance, you can specify the nature of your trip – is it an adventurous backpacking trip with friends or a spiritual weekend with your better half? Do you prefer traveling solo or are you a group traveler? Information like this makes traveling a truly social experience with Travelibro.

Once you’re at a location, you can even check what are the local interest points, travel facilities and a lot of other helpful information in the Local Life section.

Apart from a few crashes while using it, we didn’t really find any reason why Travelibro shouldn’t accompany us on our next journey.

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