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App of the Week: GrammarPal

Say goodbyes to typos and bad grammar with this handy app that can assist your typing on within any app in your smartphone – just tap the floating button!

Conversations have mostly become digital, or to be more accurate, smartphone-based. But unlike our desktop typing experience, typing on a smartphone doesn’t always come with all the help we’re used to with a desktop. One of the things we’ve usually missed out on is grammar checking tools. But GrammarPal intends to fill just that gap on your smartphone.

A very light but useful app, GrammarPal wants to take care of all your grammar needs in any app on your smartphone. After you’ve installed it, all you need to do is to open the app and grant it the necessary permissions like Accessibility and Overlays. After that you need to select a language. Well, the app supports a host of languages like Dutch, French, Japanese and even Tamil. We went ahead with English (GB) in our test. Immediately post this, you’re greeted with a settings window where you can configure exactly how you want GrammarPal to function. Cosmetic features like the size of the floating button, the app theme and more and configurable here.

The process

Yes we did mention a floating button somewhere in there. To actually use GrammarPal, go into any other app that requires you to type and start typing. When you do that, you will see a floating blue button near your text (which you can move around as per your convenience). Once you’ve typed something in, tapping that button will scan the text for errors. After the scan, the button will turn red with a number showing you exactly how many errors are present in the text. A quick tap on the button will show you the available replacements for the errors in a separate window.

The basic operation

Now in this window, you’ll see that the errors are highlighted in multiple colours. Each of these represents a type of error. Long pressing on any of these will show you a suggestion to replace the original. Once you’re done with the text, you can either copy it to the clipboard or tap the ‘Back to App’ button to go back to your original text with the replacements already made! Pretty handy!

Today, a typo can make or break your life. But with GrammarPal, you won’t need to be concerned about mistakes anymore. You can let loose on your keyboard – or maybe don’t. There’s only so much an app can fix.

Arnab Mukherjee

Arnab Mukherjee

A former tech-support desk jockey, you can find this individual delving deep into all things tech, fiction and food. Calling his sense of humour merely terrible would be a much better joke than what he usually makes.