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A possible soundtrack leak hints at new Justice League Member

Could a possible soundtrack leak from IMDB hint at a seventh Justice League member? With Green Lantern and Shazam up for the role, we’re excited!

The DC Cinematic Universe, even with the mixed criticism in perspective, is doing a pretty good job at building the hype around its upcoming movies. And if the massive success of Wonder Woman earlier this year wasn’t enough to get you hooked, a potential soundtrack leak from Justice League’s IMDB page could contain just what’s needed to push over the edge head first into the hype.

Ever since the cinematic universe was announced, fans have been debating about the members of the first lot that’s going to hit the silver screen this November. Thanks to a poster reveal and trailer showcases, including those from SDCC earlier this year, we now know that Henry Cavill’s Superman, Ben Affleck’s Batman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Ezra Miller’s Flash are definitely going to be in, along with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg.  Even though the marketing shows only five members, it is pretty much confirmed that Superman is coming back (hint: Notice the red blur on the lower right corner when you see the video as well as this official poster) taking the count to six.

Warning: Take this with a pinch of salt.

A subreddit dedicated to the band Imagine Dragons posted this screenshot of Justice League’s IMDB page from a few weeks ago.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

This does not come as a surprise since they have already been linked with the DCEU, with previously having provided tracks for the soundtrack of Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad. But the song title here indicates a particularly significant fact – that there will be seven members of the Justice League in the movie.

The listing has since been removed and that could be for one of the two reasons – it is true and WB and Imagine Dragons obviously don’t want you to know about it before it is announced OR it is false. But with Imagine Dragons involved for a track of this significance, we are inclined to believe that this might just be the real deal.

With that being said, the seventh member could be either Green Lantern or Shazam. Both have upcoming movies in the DCEU and this could be a perfect occasion to get fans hooked onto either hero. Green Lantern’s previous cinematic experience wasn’t exactly noteworthy. As DC has confirmed both Hal Jordan and John Stewart for an upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie, it could be anyone’s guess right now. A last minute addition of Shazam is also a possibility.

While either role yet to be cast, it is not entirely impossible for a new casting to be revealed in the coming few months. And that gives us hope for at least a cameo debut this November. Fingers crossed!

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