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You could intern for a moon mission with TeamIndus

Apart from representing TeamIndus on-campus, students could also get the opportunity of an actual on-site internship at TeamIndus if they qualify

The TeamIndus Campus Ambassadors programme, announced earlier this year in June, could lead to one of the most interesting internship opportunities for its participants. A few selected ambassadors will also get the opportunity for an onsite internship with TeamIndus. Of about 100 positions for campus ambassadors that are available, the TeamIndus foundation has already received close to a 1000 applications, so if you intend to apply, now would be the time!

For those who are unaware of TeamIndus, they are India’s only entry in the Lunar XPRIZE from Google. As a part of the competition, their objective is to complete a privately funded Moon mission where they have to soft-land on the Moon, move 500 metres and transmit images back to Earth.

The evolution of the TeamIndus rover (Source: TeamIndus)

Nilu Mittal, Operations Lead, TeamIndus Foundation for Excellence says, “The objective of TeamIndus Foundation for Excellence is to take experiential learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to the youth of the country. Campus Ambassadors (CA) are tasked with getting their peers excited about space science and technology and to encourage them to take up careers in STEM. The program’s goal is to channelize the engineering of TeamIndus’ Moon Mission making it inspirational, impactful and open for students to be a part of this historic mission. It will enable students to learn through a real-time space mission. Exceptional Campus Ambassadors will be invited to visit our facility and even have a chance to intern down the line. While the focus is on students in engineering colleges, we’re inviting candidates from non-science streams and high schools to also join the program.”

For this programme, TeamIndus has asked for applications from passionate and interested students from across the country. As campus ambassadors, the students will be expected to build a community of space enthusiasts within and beyond their college by generating awareness about the TeamIndus Moon Mission and the TeamIndus Foundation. This programme aims to generate awareness in space exploration among the general population of the country, and inspire interest in science and technology careers.


Talking about specific goals, the ambassadors are expected to represent TeamIndus outreach activities on campus along with starting and taking charge of space clubs for enthusiasts. These clubs will be involved in discussing technological advances and developments in aerospace and space science. Some clubs might also get the opportunity to interact with TeamIndus about their moon mission and more. Additionally, they’ll connect students with TeamIndus engineers and scientists through webinars. According to TeamIndus, this would make for a unique experience point on their resume. They have also announced that Campus Ambassadors will receive certificates, goodies, access to TeamIndus scientists as well as opportunities to intern on-site down the line.

For executing the programme and accepting applications, TeamIndus has partnered with Internshala as the exclusive college outreach partner. Commenting on the association, Sarvesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Internshala said, “We are on a mission to create a world full of opportunities for the students across India. Through our partnership with TeamIndus Foundation, we hope to help young students work with some of the best minds in the country.”

Students can apply on Internshala using the link http://bit.ly/TeamIndus-Campus-Ambassador by July 9, 2017. The current set of campus ambassadors will be able to fulfill their roles until the end of the academic year. The hiring process, according to the Internshala listing, will be as follows:

  • Using a questionnaire and SOP to understand the profile and interest of the students
  • Using an aptitude test to shortlist the candidates
  • Conducting telephonic interviews of the shortlisted candidates to select ambassadors

While there are no concrete plans to extend this opportunity to upcoming years, TeamIndus has expressed interest to do so.

This is definitely one of the most unique internship opportunities for any student, especially of the aerospace discipline. TeamIndus is currently working on the pre-flight model which, when qualified, would lead to work on the actual model. With this programme and possibly the internship, students will have the opportunity to witness that work up close. And even without winning the internship opportunity, the students have the chance to interact directly with TeamIndus and their body of ex-ISRO scientists which is bound to be a learning experience in itself.


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