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Westworld Season 2 ‘glitch’ teaser: Someone survived

Freeze all motor functions! There’s a glitch on the Westworld website that could be our first official teaser about Season 2, due in 2018!

Westworld fans are no strangers to rumours and speculations. Even though season one has been off for a while and season 2 isn’t due till 2018, leaks and suggestions about season 2 have been ample in the meantime. From release date to cast rumours to speculations about the plot, the internet has been full of information about the upcoming season and now the official DiscoverWestworld website has been updated with a ‘glitch’ that teases a grim outcome for the guests at the park at the very best.

If you head to the website, now you see a desperate message from someone probably trapped inside the park.

Westworld Website screenshot

But instead of showing you that entire message from an ‘unknown user’, it is promptly replaced by a registered user from Delos.

Westworld Website screenshot

This leads to so many questions in our head! For starters, is Delos actually trying to cover up what happened inside the park? Does this mean that Samurai World and Medieval World might be their last ditch attempts to move the entire project to a completely new footing? Keep in mind though that multiple sources, including Jonathan Nolan himself, have confirmed that those two worlds are not going to show up in the next season.

Nolan has also confirmed that the show “isn’t going to pick up where it left off”, so we might be looking at a time jump where there are some survivors within the park. On the other hand, it might be the androids themselves who have taken over the park and the interrupted message was an interrupted survivor – who probably didn’t meet a very good end.

Another interesting hint here is the indication that more information will be unveiled at San-Diego Comic-con.

Westworld Website screenshot

So what do you think of this teaser? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Nerdist

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