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Trailer Trove: Narcos, Stranger Things and more

This week was one of those where you wonder where did it all go and suddenly you realise that it’s already Friday. The previous week didn’t even have many exciting trailers. When we aren’t working (which is most of the time), the time is spent hiding in bushes and looking for 4x scopes on the wonderful island of PUBG. You know, that survival-arena based game where you loot and run for your life all the time? The PUBG fever has really gotten into us. Of course, not everyone plays games in the team but the ones who don’t, have been tirelessly working. At least, that’s what they say. The few who do play, shamelessly binged all weekend with no regard for food or sleep. Only if the game wasn’t so buggy, there would have been more of us joining the same reckless behaviour. Oh well. Here are five trailers to watch for this weekend.

Birth of a Dragon

It’s been some time since we got to watch some nice kung fu in a movie. And we mean some serious martial arts action and not the Shaolin Soccer kind. Set on a true story of Bruce Lee, Birth of a Dragon explores how he became a phenomenon worldwide. The movie is mainly based on his secret fight with kung fu master Wong Jack Man. The trailer includes enough flying kicks and also the legendary one-inch punch.

Release date: August 25

Narcos (Season Three)

If you thought the death of Escobar meant the end of Narcos, well you’re wrong. When one drug cartel falls, it’s time for another cartel to take over. After the Medellin cartel was brought down, the Cali cartel started rising. The next season will show how the new cartel went on to become the biggest drug cartel ever.

Release date: September 1.

Stranger Things (Season Two)

Netflix just dropped a short teaser to hype up Stranger Things fans. Along with the teaser, they also revealed an intense poster that looks like hell coming down through a storm. At the middle of the storm, stands a huge monster, ready to take over the town of Hawkins. In the teaser video, our little heroes are seen cycling down the road towards the storm and look like we are in for an exciting season two. Did another but much larger Demogorgon escape the Upside Down? Does this also mean that there are more monsters in the Upside Down? We know from the cliffhanger of the last episode that Eleven is kind of alive but she is absent from the teaser. All these questions will probably be answered when it lands on Netflix.

Release date: October 27.

The Dark Tower

We have another trailer from Stephen King’s novel series of the same name. This time we get to see more insane skills from Roland the Gunslinger played by Idris Elba. Walter the Man in Black played by Matthew McConaughey also shows off his powers as they face off against each other. Roland is the last Gunslinger who is trying to protect the dark tower from Walter but their war is brought to the Earth. We are expecting unlimited gunslinging action in this one.

Release date: July 27

The Tick

We enjoyed watching the hilarious animated version of The Tick and now Amazon is bringing it back in live-action. The blue and white bug superheroes are back and the trailer retains the goofy tone of the characters. The first season will release in two parts where the first six episodes will premiere on August 25 and the remaining six will come out in early 2018.

Release date: August 25

Shoot all your fan theories about Eleven’s fate in Stranger Things in the comment section below.

Abhijit Dey

Abhijit Dey

While indulging deep into conspiracy theories surrounding comic book movie plots, he can be found rewatching them looking for easter eggs. Otherwise, his weekends are spent on gaming and browsing memes.