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Trailer Trove: Bright, Jigsaw, Pacific Rim: Uprising and more

Everyone’s a fan of Game of Thrones on our team except a few. While the hardcore fans woke up early morning to catch the season premiere, the others simply had a good sleep. Our gaming sessions are on the decline, but next week we are getting our final squad member in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (not sure why did they name it in all-caps). You can definitely expect few live streams on SKOAR! soon.

Disney’s D23 expo was on an announcement spree last week but sadly, most of the videos around them were shown behind closed doors. This means we’ll have to wait to watch the exclusive clip from Avengers: Infinity War or the special clip from the remake of Lion King. At least, we got to watch a behind-the-scenes clip from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which we have broken down for you guys. Doctor Who revealed their 13th doctor, as Jodie Whittaker takes over from Peter Capaldi. Things are going to get interesting since San Diego Comic Con is underway and we can surely expect numerous trailers and footage being released these couple of days. Here are seven trailers to watch this weekend.

Blade Runner 2049

The second trailer for Blade Runner is out and we have more footage from Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic. Earlier, we only got to see Officer K (Ryan Gosling) on a quest for Deckard. The movie is based in Los Angeles 2049, after thirty years from the original movie. Teased right from the first trailer, we are hyped about why has Deckard gone into hiding and what does he mean by “We were being hunted”?. Great mysteries lie in the movie as we also get to know more about the replicants.

Release date: October 6.


Will Smith is starring as a cop in a new fantasy, crime, and action movie Bright which is based in a world where humans, orcs, and elves co-exist in the same society. Or rather, they are trying to. It also has fairies and the trailer begins with Smith beating the crap out of one. Quite a brutal start but things get uglier when he along with his partner (an Orc) come across a magic wand. The Netflix original packs a hint of humour and some action involving guns and sorcery. So far, so good.

Release date: December 22.

Death Note

As we near its release next month, Netflix released a short clip from Death Note. This time we see Light probably having his first encounter with Ryuk (the Death God) as he is given the motivation to write down a name. The clip ends with Light writing down a name along with a brutal death. Death Note might just be dark and of course, we are excited.

Release date: August 25


The new trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Inhumans showed a little more than the previous one, clearly hinting that humans and the inhumans will go head to head. This is also the first time we get to see Medusa’s hair in action because Medusa didn’t do enough Medusa stuff in the first trailer. Lockjaw is seen again teleporting people around and we have a feeling that the giant pup is going to steal the show throughout the first season.

Release date: September 1.


Not everyone enjoys blood and gore, but for those who do, you should be excited because Jigsaw is back. The Saw series has been a torch bearer for movies that have depicted an insane quantity of decapitations and mutilations. Saw 3D was supposed to be the final chapter in the series but looks like Jigsaw is back again. But wasn’t he dead? We’ll find out.

Release date: October 27.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The sequel to the popular spy movie Kingsman looks great and we have another trailer. This time we get a better look at all the important characters, especially a longer look at Galahad who was supposed to be dead in the previous movie. There’s a sister spy organisation to the Kingsman named Statesman operating from the US. Action sequences are impressive and gadgets are going next level. Which is expected because after all, the elegance of the Kingsman and those high-end gadgets made the first movie popular.

Release date: September 22.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Giant robots punching and tackling giant monsters? We were sold right since we heard about the plot and we equally enjoyed the movie. Gipsy Danger dragging an oil tanker down the highway to beat up the Kaiju was one of the most memorable scenes in Pacific Rim. Who can forget Idris Elba’s tough and badass persona as the general, and the final battle on the sea bed? As you might have figured, we are overly enthusiastic about its sequel and the first teaser looks meh. It shows a promo of the Jaeger program which clearly says that after Gipsy Danger’s heroic battle, the world has finally realised the need for more Jaeger pilots. Nothing exciting in the teaser but we hope the next trailer includes new and even more menacing Kaijus compared to the previous movie because the last Kaiju to attack them were a Category V. Since Godzilla is also a Kaiju, a cameo from the ground-shaker wouldn’t hurt.

Release date: February 22, 2018.

Do you think Gipsy Danger is going to make a comeback?

Abhijit Dey

Abhijit Dey

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