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Star Wars: The Last Jedi reveals new behind-the-scenes clip

A new behind-the-scenes video clip has dropped and we have some interesting things to discuss.

We are only five months away from the release of the eighth episode of Star Wars. Already hyped up with a teaser that was released during Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017, we have something new. Director of the movie, Rian Johnson revealed a behind-the-scenes clip at Disney’s D23 Expo 2017.

We are going to skip over the normal scenes and only focus on the parts where we were able to connect them to The Force Awakens and the Last Jedi teaser. Naturally, there are going to be spoilers from The Force Awakens but we are hoping that you’ve already watched it. Let’s get right into it.

millennium falcon star wars the last jedi
The Millennium Falcon

The trailer starts with a short montage of different vehicles and models including the Millennium Falcon. We are probably going to see it in action maybe more than what we saw in the last movie. Then it moves to a red substance blowing over a trench, the same red soil that we saw and talked about from the teaser. This happens while the new Resistance fighter ships fly towards an army of AT-ATs. We then watch different characters including Rey, Finn, Luke, and Leia, along with a look at few of the various environments from the movie.

Kylo ren star wars the last jedi
Kylo Ren with his mask on

It shifts to Kylo Ren wearing his mask, probably staring down at the camera. This is important because in the teaser we saw Kylo’s mangled mask on the floor. We believed that it was the end of Kylo donning the unnecessary mask but he’s probably going to wear it in the next movie. It will be interesting if there are more revelations on the Knights of Ren.

star wars the last jedi creature
New-age Ewok?

Stormtroopers are seen wielding a new kind of a hooked staff. Considering last time’s OP (over-powered) stormtrooper who fought Finn, it will be fun to watch more such duels. We get to see Chewbacca a lot and after Han’s death, it looks like he’s probably going to team up with Rey. There are many new creatures revealed in the clip including a cute little character. We are glad to see R2-D2 and C-3PO back in the movie along with BB-8.

leia organa solo star wars the last jedi
General Organa

Rian says,”I’m hoping it will be a little shocking but I’m hoping it will feel real and honest”. This clip does get us more excited about The Last Jedi as we wait for the next trailer before the movie finally comes out on December 15. The clip ends with a legendary character from the franchise with an altered version of his legendary dialogue. Don’t miss it.

Apart from the behind-the-scenes clip, character posters were also revealed which are totally phone-wallpaper worthy.

Abhijit Dey

Abhijit Dey

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